The 50 States of America

Friday 27th February

DSCF4043Off to America we went today as we finish off our international month.

This morning there was a big puzzle on the floor and a few Flowers worked together to finish it and we discovered it was a map of America. Adam told us he has two DSCF4026Grandmothers and they are from Texas and Colorado.

Today was ‘Junk Art Friday’ and Flowers made some really neat creations such as cars, robots and horses.

DSCF4036Arata, Kosei, Riko and Eito made a hotel in the dramatic play and libaray corners today and a few friends were in and out and being called on the cell phones to come over.

It was the last time for Ryan and Ethan to be snack leaders today.DSCF4035

After snack Adam’s Mum, Karen came in and she got out a big material map and Flowers helped put the names of countries in North America so DSCF4045we could find where America is. We then looked at lots of different animals such as buffalo’s, mountain goats, polar bears and whales and stuck them on the parts of America where they are from (or are known for).Then we were lucky to look at a giant map of just America and Karen told us the original Disneyland is in California and we looked atDSCF4046 where the Statue of Liberty is in New York. Some Flowers knew there is also a smaller one in Odaiba. Next it was time to put together a big jigsaw puzzle with the 50 states in it. It took us a while to remember DSCF4056there are 50 states but some of us remembered in the end. Each state has it’s own flag, bird, flower and animal.

Adam put on a t-shirt with the American flag on it and Karen gave us all little American sticker flags. What were we going to use these for, we wondered. We put them on our t-shirts or hands and in two groups we made an DSCF4060American flag cheesecake. We looked at the stickers on our hands and could see all the stripes so we took turns to line up strawberries and make the stripes over the white cream. Then we added blueberries to make the stars which DSCF4063are the 50 states. It turned out great and we wanted to eat it but it was best to wait until after lunch.

 Thank you to Karen for teaching us all about America and providing the yummy cheesecake for us to eat. 

Unfortunately Noa was sick today but everyone made sure to say goodbye to EthanDSCF4065 and Ryan. We will miss you! 

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing Darren back next week.

All our love, Ayaka, Nanako and Sharee