Ice painting

Today was such a tiring day for all of us. It was so hot and even though we went to the park early in the day, the heat stayed with us all the time. Our classroom was cool because we kept the lights off and we did less active things when we came back from the park, however the heat crept in through the windows! Outside in the park we had a great time again, climbing on the climbing frame in the shade because the sun had not come there yet; we played with our water table and today we filled all four buckets with water and had two separate trays with bubble liquid in them. This helped us as we mixed the water and the bubble mixture yesterday and couldn’t blow too many bubbles in the end; as the liquid was diluted. We took our snack and a picnic mat to the park so we could have our morning snack outside. We sang our regular snack time song and enjoyed eating outside. It was so hard to get a photo of all of us looking at the camera at the same time for a picture of us eating our snack outside on the picnic mat. When we arrived back at school we were a little upside down with our routine and some of us thought that it was lunch time. We soon realized that it was too early for lunch and we then had our free play time. After free play time we went into the library and had a new selection of books to choose from. Our teachers have decided that it is best for them to close the shelves in the library and put books out for us on the display shelves. When we see so many books, it is often too hard for us to choose. This way, we have a limited selection which we keep for a few days and then we change them so eventually we will get to read many of the books in our library. We were all really tired so we lay down on the cushions and listened to a story like this. It was fun and cool and relaxing, all at the same time.

At the activity tables we had a selection of drawing and cutting and the main activity today was one that none of us have ever seen before. It was all about water and what happens to water when it is frozen. We know that water comes from a tap, a swimming pool, rain, a bottle, a hose and the ocean. We also know that you drink water and you wash yourself with water to clean your body  but water has so many other interesting things about it. We already learnt that some things sink in water and some things float on the surface of it; you can even make water hot in a kettle or in a pot on the stove; and if you leave it outside on a hot day like today, it will get hot as well. We now know that when you put colouring in water, it changes into that colour e.g. blue colouring will make the water blue, red colouring will make it red etc. And if you put water in the freezer it gets hard and cold and it is called ice. It goes from a liquid to a solid. Our ice today was coloured and inside each cube was a holder as we painted with coloured ice. It was amazing because as we were painting, the ice was melting and becoming liquid again! Our pages had colours and water on them. We swished the ice cubes around and made patterns and liked touching them as they were cool. When we touched them, the colour came onto our fingers so we could paint with our fingers too. This was such fun.

We also spoke about water and the ocean and what animals live in the ocean. We did a group project and all tried to draw an animal that lives under the sea. We thought of a shark, a whale, a starfish, an octopus, a lobster, a crab, a fish and many others.

We hope that tomorrow will be cooler as we were really tired today and sweaty. Ashling and Sui chan had a cool rest downstairs after lunch time.

Please stay cool this afternoon!

Love Shelley and Darren