Today was the start of our last week of Summer School and it was all about H2O. What is H2O you may ask? It is water and there is so much water around the world and even inside of our bodies. And even though we have so much water inside of our bodies, we still need to drink a lot of water every day to wash away the bad things and clean our bodies out. We were going to take a special water table with us to the park but when we eventually went outside to go to the park, it started to rain. We arrived at the park and the rain became stronger so after a few minutes running around and climbing on some of the equipment, we turned around and went to play on the second floor. We love having the opportunity to play there as we do cooking, we listen to and play the piano and the toys are all different so it is a novelty to go there. On the second floor, Ashling and Sui played with the utensils and sat down after preparing a meal, to eat it. Ashling took charge and served Sui and when Sui asked for a drink, Ashling got up and “poured” some water from the tap into her cup. Sometime later, Jamie joined them and he too sat down and “ate” a meal with them. Finn took out a construction game that has a unique way of joining pieces together. Finn said that he was building Skytree and he built a really good replica of it. It was long and tall and thin. Finn’s one eventually fell over and we hope that the real one is firmly in the ground and won’t fall over like his one did. For our free play time we had a great time with all of us playing the same game. We played with the four different coloured balls that roll round and round inside a transparent container and we never know which exit they will come out of; will it be the red, the blue, the yellow or the green? We tried an experiment and only Finn put his green ball in the four different places and every time it exited every opening but the green one. With the four balls rolling together it is not easy to predict where they will come out. We played for a long time together, shared, took turns and it was a great experience for us all. The word “transparent” was the big word that we learnt today as it came up a few times. When we were playing the game with the balls, the container was transparent so we could watch the balls inside; when we played with water and cleaned the toys, we noticed that if we looked through the sides of the container, we could see one another and then when we looked out of the window, we could see the rain. All of these things are transparent.

We learnt about things that sink or float today. We had three containers with water on the table and we of course wanted to splash and have fun with it straight away but we needed to wait and be patient. Shelley told us that some things stay on top of the water, which means they float, and some things go all the way down to the bottom, and this means to sink. We had a selection of plastic animals, a button, a thimble with a sponge on the end, a straw, a cup, a marble, a small rhinestone, a medium one and a large one and a few other items. We each took an item and said what we thought it would do and sometimes we were correct and other times we noticed the object doing the opposite of what we thought. The one funny thing that we noticed was that the plastic mother elephant floated and the baby sank to the bottom of the container. We were surprised and a little confused especially since our mums are much bigger than we are; so how can the baby sink and the mummy float????

In the photo here we are curious about the container being transparent so we are looking through the sides of it. We could see everyone through it! Then Shelley put some washing liquid into the water and we made lots of bubbles and washed some of our plastic toys. They are piled in a heap on the other table, drying and tomorrow we will sort them. We played a number game with dice, a cup and counters and in the library, while Shelley was scooping the Lego out of the water, Darren read us so many stories. Thanks for a fun day!

Love Shelley and Darren