The rainbow fish came to our class!

Dear Summer School parents,                 Early in the morning, the weather was not so hot. Our teachers decided that we could actually go to the park instead. It’s still a great time to spend this day with our friends and teachers. We started a busy day by doing our morning jobs and then some table activities. We had a big piece of big cloth on the table and we noticed some cut-out pieces of aluminum foil and strips of cutting sheets. We asked our teachers how to do this art activity because we were so curious about it. Then, they told us that we needed to choose some pieces of aluminum foil and cut some strips of paper. We saw various shapes and lines that we could follow when we cut. It was a great practice for our fine motor skills.

                The other table was filled with dominoes and threading materials. We loved the dominoes and tried to work on different techniques on how to play with them. Afterwards, we also had some threading and beading tasks. We just needed to follow the pictures and copied the pictures. In our carpet area, we had some toys for our road constructions. We also picked out some toy cars and moved them around. Some of our friends put on some princess costumes and they were both proud of who they were. We had Aurora and Snow White in our classroom for today. The literacy table was so busy as well and we had some phonics matching book. Then, we put out some head dresses and pretended that we were kings and princesses. We looked in the mirror and saw how we looked like.

   blog 1             For our first circle time, we talked about the calendar and the weather. Today was different because we still feel hot with a cloudy day outside. Then, we sang the five little fishies. Every time that we said, “SNAP!” we giggled a little because of the funny sound that some of our friends were making. We also stood up and danced to the song of “Penguin wobble dance”. Whenever the penguin wanted to dive, we all went down to the floor and imagined that we’re also swimming in the sea. After our short circle time, we all went to the park and had so much fun. The highlight of the day was playing with Chiaki and Pooja. We played the game of “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” When our friends would say, “It’s lunch or dinner time!” We all ran back to the other end so that the wolf couldn’t catch us.

                We’re very sweaty when we arrived at school but the good thing was, we were able to change and use our spare clothes. Pooja read a book about “Smiley Shark”. We listened intently and waited for the next page as the story progressed. The Smiley Shark wanted to play with all the other fishes but they refused him. Later on, all the fishes were caught in a trap and only the Smiley Shark was able to save them. The lesson that we learned from the story is never to judge anyone by how they look. We need to look inside their hearts and accept who they are. Oooppsss…wait…after Pooja finished the story; somebody called up and and arranged for a visit. It was the Rainbow fish! The Rainbow Fish came and told us that her real name was Ms. Rainbow Fishy. We were so glad to finally meet her. We asked many questions and one thing that really stood out was, “How can you be a good friend?” We learned that we need to share, use our gentle voice and make our friends happy. Some of us got sparkles from her because she felt even happier when she shares her scales. We also sang a song for her until she got tired of dancing. The Rainbow Fish said goodbye and we all waved our hands as she got out from our classroom.

                Thank you so much for the fantabulous day! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Flowers and Petals classes (Summer School 2016)