A Special Guest Drops By

     What a fantastic day- the sun is out and the blue sky takes a peek from the fluffy white clouds! It was a perfect day for our water play. But, before anything else, of course we had to do our morning jobs and have our free play time once we got to school.    Some of our friends continued to do their painting, and decorating the little fish, like what we did yesterday. On the other table we played again with the sand, and we were delighted to find buried “treasures” underneath it: toy ocean creatures, pretty shells, big smooth pebbles, and some small pieces of driftwood. We enjoyed feeling and comparing the different textures: soft, hard, smooth, and rough.

   On the carpet, we enjoyed playing with our doll house toys, and some of the connect blocks. We were glad that we have Goh and Sayaka with us, and they helped us build different things with the connect blocks!

   After free play time, it was time for our favorite part of the day. Yes, you guessed it. Water play! We made sure that we had sunscreen from head to toe, because Mr. Sun is out shining brightly.

   We had some of the colorful plastic balls in the pool again. We enjoyed tossing them in the pool, or playing catch with our friends. The teachers took out the big watering can again, and this time we pretended we were taking a shower as we yelled “Shower, shower!” happily. Some of us filled up plastic bottles with water, and watered the plants we have in pots- they might be thirsty, too, you know!


   We went back to our classroom downstairs after having fun with water, and ate our snacks. Then, we had a little quiet time, where we lay down on the floor and relaxed, as we sang “Snowflakes, Snowflakes”. Then we jumped up as Pauline took her ukulele, and we sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, plus a new song about our ocean animal friends, in the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”. It went like this:

The fish in the sea goes swim, swim, swim.

   The lobster in the sea goes click, click, click.

                    The octopus in the sea goes wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

All day long!

     Mommy and daddy, we hope you can sing this with us at home! Pretty please? We can teach you the actions that Goh and Sayaka were doing as they danced with us.


   After the singing, we were surprised to have a special friend visit us. It was none other than Mickey Mouse! He sat on Pauline’s lap, and we reviewed the “Rainbow Fish” story. Mickey taught us that, like Rainbow Fish, we should be nice, and learn how to share our toys and other things with our friends- so we can have MORE friends! Like what our teachers often say, “Sharing is Caring”!

   Mickey had to leave after discussing “The Rainbow Fish” with us. That made us feel sad, but we understand that he has to go home. We asked, “Where are you going?” Mickey answered us, “Disneyland! Of course I live in Disneyland!

   All in all, we had such a fun day. See you all again tomorrow!

   Lots of love,

   Pauline, Sayaka, Goh, and all the cute little fishies- I mean kiddies- from Buds class :)