The Rainbow Fish

Dear Flowers class parents,         What a great day we had! It’s true that it’s our Japanese holiday today and some of our friends were away and spending more time with their families. It’s a beautiful weather and we certainly enjoyed greeting and giving a big smile to our friends and teachers. We did our morning jobs easily and chose our responsibility for the day. Some of us were so excited to be pool leaders and others liked to be lunch and snack leaders. We also had some great activities on our carpet area. We took our animal toys and some landscape mat that we could use as our own forest. Many of our friends were trying to find some little animals and pretended that they were babies of the bigger animals. For example, we chose the big elephant as the mommy and later on we matched it with the small elephant.

   BLOG 1     On our art table, we had some cloth that we needed to cut out and the shape resembled like a fish. Some of our friends said that it was a bit challenging to cut in the line so what we did was we asked our teachers to help us out with it. Next, we crumpled some used pages of magazine and put them inside the fish. We just made a 3-dimensional fish toy and our teachers said that we could hang them on our ceilings for this week. We also put some sparkles and some shiny beads around by using a tape sticking it on top. We cannot use the hot glue for now but later on our teachers can do it for us. We also used the stapler and staple the border around the fish. It was a great practice for our fine motor skills. We really enjoyed our time doing this activity.

        We had a short circle time in the morning and we talked about the weather. One of our friends said that it was hot and sunny today so he’s very excited to go to the pool. We also learned more about summer, the month and what day it is today. Then, John got the block alphabet and he said that he can spell his name using these toys. We observed carefully and found out that his name J-O-H-N. After that, we all had a turn to choose letters that our names start with. We had H, S, M, L and K. It was a fantastic learning experience and we all enjoyed doing this.

        The exciting part of our day was the swimming pool; we just loved dipping ourselves in the water and splashed about. Our teachers even got wet because of our excitement. We used the sprinkle cans, bottles and some plastic balls to have more fun in the pool. When we were about to tip all the water out from the pool, we just waited for it to flow on us. We surely enjoyed our time with our friends and teachers.

        We went back to our classroom and had our second circle time for today. Our teachers read a story for us about the Rainbow Fish. It was a story about a beautiful shiny fish who didn’t want to share his shimmering scales to his other friends. Later on, his friends didn’t want to play with him anymore because he’s not sharing at all. He consulted the great octopus about what he needed to do so that his friends can accept him once again. The octopus replied, “You have to share your shiny scales to them”. He did that and he felt better because he’s happy to share what he had as well. Thus, he became friends with the other fishes again.

        Thank you so much everyone for the great learning experience! See you all again tomorrow and have a good day!

Lots of love,

All the children from Flowers and Petals classes (Summer School 2016)