Our Practice

Dear Flower Class parents, We hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the warm weather. We were happy to come to school today and are looking forward to performing in front of our mommies and daddies this week. We started our morning on the small table today making a card to say bye-bye to one of our Ohana teachers; Sharee. Sharee has been with Ohana for a few years and has made a valuable contribution to the school and teachers. We will all miss her very much. To make the cards we firstly chose the colored card we wanted to use and then wrote ‘Bye-Bye Sharee’ onto the card cover. We then drew some nice pictures which we think Sharee will like of flowers etc. Also on the table we saw the chess board and we wanted to know how to use the next piece called the rook or castle. We learnt how the castle can move only in straight lines forwards, sideways or even backwards across the board but can’t go diagonal or jump other pieces. We want to learn the other pieces soon. On the carpet area we again saw the toy shop which we played with on Friday morning. Today we served many customers fruit and vegetables and used the play money too. On the main table the last of the play masks was decorated this morning. We used some snake patterned paper to cover the final mask and glued it all carefully. The Lego wall was again popular this morning with many of us adding our names and helping our friends add theirs to the wall. We enjoyed using the clear easel board today too with some of us working from both sides to draw and write. After packing away the toys and having our snacks we realized we didn’t have time for our usual park time and decided to have some singing and performance practice before Miyashita Sensei arrived for this week’s gym class. We started off with our special song and had a lot of fun with an old lady (Sorry, we can’t tell you much more). Once this was complete we lined up to do a dress rehearsal and tried on our own special masks we have been making for the last several weeks. We looked fantastic in our special masks and were very excited. Miyashita Sensei then arrived for our gym class and after warming up we practiced our rolling skills on the gym mat and then played a game where we sat down on the floor and using our hands moved around the classroom and tried to avoid the teachers. If we were caught we needed to put our hands up like a banana but could be released by our friends too. After the gym class we did a ‘dress rehearsal’ for Wednesday’s main performance and all of us sang really nicely.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan