The Animal Homes

We just couldn’t hide our excitement today. Our friends were so happy to arrive at school and said bye to their parents. We did our morning jobs and proceeded to our table activities. We found our counting bears again and sorted them out according to their colors. On the other table, we found a big piece of paper and Chiaki led the group to stick some shapes on it. We didn’t finish the whole project today but we’re still going to continue it on Monday. It was also a practice of identifying shapes just right before sticking on a big piece of paper. The intention was to make a house out of these shapes but then again we creatively made much even better designs with them. We also had some toy cars. We laid down the big map and lined up the cars again. It was great to see that some of our friends were so particular in parking the cars or lining them up around the classroom. We also found some great books on the shelf and we sat down together with our teachers as we read some stories with them.

Henrietta, one of our friends' aunt, came to our school and to see how everyone was doing. We are very glad to welcome them in the classroom and we’re so thrilled that she could also play some music for us. John and she sat down together with their musical instruments and they played harmoniously. We could tell that Henrietta was playing with her heart. She’s such an amazing musician. We sang the wheels on the bus, twinkle, twinkle, little star and many more. Lastly, Margrete made a special request. She said if we could play the Ohana school song. Of course, we all sang joyfully. Thank you Margrete and Henrietta for visiting us and it was such a nice moment to be with you both today. Thank you for the music!

After our short musical session, we went to the park and had a small picnic again. We finished our food and packed everything away. We stood up and started playing with our friends and teachers. We found a soccer ball in the green area and we took it and showed off our football skills to our teachers. At first, John and Chiaki were playing throw and catch. We were going back and forth because we were chasing after the ball. It was also a great workout for all of us. Then, Sayaka and Liezel also showed us their athletic skills by moving the ball with their feet. They were both great.

It was really fun to be at the park early but we all had to go back to school for our lunch time. Chiaki led the circle time today and she talked about the animal homes. She brought out some pieces of paper with illustrations and they were mountains and forests, savannah, ocean and farm. She then brought out some animals that we needed to sort according to the place they live in. We were all so interested and were able to categorize everything properly. Thank you so much for the great day and see you all again next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016