Have fun with Miyashita-sensei!

What a hot day! It’s surely a wonderful weather outside but we felt that summer is just around the corner. There’s only three weeks left before our school term ends and we always treasure being here in Buds. As we did our morning jobs, we were becoming very consistent in doing our tasks each day. We put our snacks and lunches in our baskets and trolleys. We also made sure that our water bottles were properly placed because we have to prevent them from leaking. On our activity tables, we had the counting bears. There were four plates on our table and they all came in different colors; we had yellow, red, blue and green. Most of our friends were very familiar in doing this so what they did was they sorted them all by putting the bears on the right plates. We also got very creative by making a circle with them. We made a huge one on our table and it was amazing how we were able to think about this. The play dough was also out but it was on the other table. We told our teachers that we made some cakes, cookies and ice-cream for our parents. We truly had an amazing time using our imagination and at the same time thought about our friends, teachers and parents.

In our circle time, we talked about bears. This is our topic for this week because last time we learned that they love eating honey that bees are making from the nectar. We sang a song called, “I’m in the mood for…” and we all clapped our hands, winked our eyes, shook our hands and jumped around. There was this book that we read and the title was “We’re going on a bear hunt” We didn’t just read it actually because there were some parts of the story that needed to be sung.  At first, it was a bit challenging to do but later on we were able to sing it together with our teachers. After the story, we went upstairs to Petals for our gym class.

During our gym class, Miyashita-sensei greeted us again with a beautiful smile. He’s always very patient and dedicated to what he does. We did our warm-up exercises like stretching and moving from side to side. Next, we did our animal actions. We waited for his whistle because he sometimes tricked us by pretending that he actually blew it. Every time we heard his signal, we went to him doing our animal actions and gave him a big high five. Miyashita-sensei took out the big mat and made a little wind by putting it down on the floor suddenly. Then, he asked us to roll over again by touching the mat with our heads and he would carry us until we’re able to roll on the other side.  We also played the ghost game at the very end of our session. Thank you so much, Miyashita-sensei for a great class again.

We didn’t go to the park today because we felt that it’s very hot outside. Hence, we decided to just go to the fish pond. It was nice seeing the little fishes again. We told our teachers that we also saw a frog in the pond. Thank you so much, Ohana for the wonderful day. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2015-2016