The Hare, the Tortoise and the Gruffalo

Dear Flower Class parents, It was another beautiful morning and we decided to play on the classroom balcony in free-play time today. We used the sand and water tray and saw in the water there were lots of fish, sea creatures and even toy treasure and scuba divers. On the main table many of us were working on our special masks for the graduation ceremony / party on Wednesday 8th. We needed to decorate many of them today and used some colored origami paper as well as some furry printed paper. We started off by tearing the paper into small pieces and then using a brush and some glue we started to cover the newspaper areas. Once all the newspaper was covered and we had added white and pink for the ears and other fur we let it dry. We have now completed 2 mice and one fox mask and are looking forward to showing off our work. On the second table the spot markers were popular with us and we did lots of artwork using nothing but dots. The play-dough was also very popular this morning with many of us using the cookie cutters to make cakes and cookies. On the small table we enjoyed using the ‘What’s wrong’ cards and we all laughed at some of the pictures and how wrong they seemed. The soft toy wolf, goat, bat and snake were also a source of fun on the carpet area too. Pooja helped set up the special theater book on the carpet area too and we had lots of fun with this as well. After packing away the toys we made our big circle and practiced the Ohana song together and also the special song for our graduation performance today. We listened to the music and sang along to the words with the actions. We are getting better at this and are really enjoying singing and acting along. We ate our yummy snacks and soon got ready for the park. It was war out and so we made sure we put our sunscreen and hats on today. In the park we spent a lot of our time running and chasing each other. Luckily we had our water bottles with us so we could cool off a little. After returning to the classroom we started our circle time by reading a book called ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ which was a big book kindly donated by Mina for her son’s birthday recently. It was a fun book and Darren added some extra parts to the book and included a ‘Gruffalo’ which we were sure was never in the original story. At the end we answered some questions about the book including: “What color was the tortoise”?- “Green”, What color was the Hare’s T-Shirt”? – “White & Yellow”, “What kind of animal judged the race”? – “Fox”, “What other kind of animals or creatures were in the book”? –“Squirrels, birds and snails”.

Have a great afternoon and we look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

All our love, Darren, Pooja, Pauline & Ryoan