Welcome to the week 3 of Summer School! This week we will be learning all about our TEACHERS!  What do  our teachers  do for  us?  What kind of teacher do I want to be?  What can I teach  my class?

We arrived in class this morning, wondering who we would have in class this week! Oh look...it’s Chiaki! Yay!

We arrived this morning to see our classification puzzles and our tweezers colour sorting game out at the tables. Once again the classification table was a little tricky for our new Petals, but with Chikai’s help they were able to complete them.

At the other table, Petals friends were sorting coloured frogs into it’s coloured bowls, using tweezers. They had so much fun taking turns and practicing their fine motor skills. Large tweezers are a great exercise for practicing our tripod grip.

At the carpet area, we had our animal toys and Lego toys out for everyone to play with. This morning was a quite and relaxing morning. The rain always makes us feel a little more sleepy than usual.

Ohayo Gozaimasu! It’s Miyashita Sensei time…

Today we worked on our core balance. Miyashita Sensei put out cushions for Petals to walk and balance on. BUT, he made it even more trickier by asking us to balance a toy donut on our heads...eek! We tried our best and were quite successful. At the end they played “What’s time is it Mr. Wolf?”

After our gym class, we sat with Kiki to have our circle time. Kiki asked us what day of the week it is…”Friday...Wednesday...Thursday...Monday?!” She gave a clue saying it was the first day of the school week!

Rafael: MONDAY!

Ping-Pong! With this we sang a new days of the week song. The song told us to whisper, shout, sing, clap and stomp the days of the week… So much fun!

Kiki then  asked us if we could remember what we had learned last week in Petals, to which Chloe replied, “We did CHEFS!”

Kiki then explained that this we will be learning all about becoming teachers. She asked everyone, “What do you think teachers do?”

Chloe: Work on the computer.

Rafael: Show something.

Evie: Emm...emm..I forgot.

What teachers do is a tricky concept for young children to explain. They know we work, but it’s hard for them to pin point what we exactly do.

Kiki: Okay, so let’s change the question; what kind of teacher would you like to be?

Rafael: Phonics teacher!

Chloe: I want to be counting number (numeracy) teacher.

Evie: I want to teach music.

Sinem: I want to be baby teacher (aka Buds teacher).

Mira: Art teacher.

Akira: I don’t know...no idea…(after a lot of thinking and some encouragement)… Dance teacher.

Olivia: Painting teacher (Art teacher).

We then discussed that in the coming days, we can take turns to become these teachers and teach our friends. Petals were a little nervous and excited at the same time, when they heard this. We let them know that, teachers will be their assistant teacher, to help them if they needed it.

With this we ended our circle time and had free play time in class.  

Today was an introduction day to our new theme, TEACHERS. We had fun thinking up of ideas of a teacher, and read story books related to teaching. Our favourite book today was “Dylan, The Teacher,” by Guy Parker Rees.

Have lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!

Loving Summer Petals