Textures and Colors by our Art Teachers

What a nice day again in Buds class! Today, we got to go to the park with our friends and teachers. The weather was quite better this time and we took advantage of it and headed off to have a fun day at the slide, green area and sand box. The sand box was very busy because we saw some gardening toys. We had a great time making a sand building, sand houses and sand tunnels.

Liezel did her circle time with lots of different sensory materials like the lei cloth flowers, some wooden blocks and popsicle sticks. She told us to identify their properties and textures. We touched and felt the these materials and we realized that they were soft, smooth, rough and hard. It was really interesting especially for our new friends because it was their first time to be able to discover the art materials in the classroom. She also had a great idea and told us that we could actually put the flowers, popsicle sticks, wool and blocks in the plastic container, we also smelled these things. We even closed our eyes to make sure to feel the right sensation. When we put each of these materials, we tried shaking them and found out which ones made the sound and which ones didn’t. Our first experiment was quite interesting and we all had a chance to shake the container individually. In the end, we thought that the wood blocks and popsicle sticks made the sound and the rest didn’t produce any sound at all. The second activity was to put all the materials on the table and we all started to blow them with our mouths. The table was swarmed by our little friends because they were very curious about what’s going to happen. We concluded that the flowers, wool and popsicle sticks moved but the wooden blocks didn’t. It was another scientific discovery for our Buds friends!

We also played “Finding egg shakers” in the classroom. We also asked our friends to hide their own eggs and our other friends take the opportunity of finding it in the classroom. It was a fun game and we definitely enjoyed looking and exploring them around the classroom.

On our activity tables, we had the sorting bears again and the other table was our canvas. This time, we got some colorful tissue paper, some shredded paper, and paper cut-outs to stick on our collage. The glue was very sticky so it was a bit challenging for us to put our finger in it. In the end, we’re able to paste a good amount of these materials. Thanks to our teachers who were always there to support us with our learning experiences. Thank you so much Ohana for another meaningful and fun day at school!

Lots of love,

Buds Class