Celebrating birthdays in Buds


Cutting practice was our learning focus today. We were really working hard in the classroom. On our tables, we had different pieces of paper and some scissors that  we could use for cutting. First, our teachers taught us how to use the scissors properly and then let us choose which kind  of scissors we could use. There were the ones with springs, the regular ones and the guided scissors with four holes. The pieces of paper we got from the table were stashes from our previous cut-outs. We always want to be eco-friendly so that nothing could go to waste. We began snipping the paper and some of our friends were just cutting the edges rather than going through it. So, our teachers guided us again to cut properly and with caution so that our fingers wouldn’t get hurt. We were able to perform the task but our teachers requested if we could actually cut smaller than the usual. After that, we asked our teachers to let us use the glue and to get one more piece of paper where we could stick on our cut-outs. Then, we gave a name to our artwork. Eventually, we’re able to show our amazing art to our teachers  and friends proudly.

Later on, we got some visitors today and  they were I (H’s mom) and Et (K’s mom). They came here to celebrate our friends’ birthday party. We knew initially that we’re going to have the party because most of the time when parents come to our class, they always bring yummy treats for us. Of course, our teachers asked us what plan we have for our friends today and we all suggested that we should sing a happy birthday, then we can sing and dance, then we can give the cards and sing more songs for them. And we did all that! How we loved dancing and entertaining our friends, teachers and visitors. Et also read a book for us and they were “Oh no, George!” by Chris Haughton and “Knock, knock, open the  door” by Michaela Morgan. These books were K’s favorites and we’re so grateful for sharing these with us. Thank you so much, K!

The stories were quite fascinating and  funny at the same time. Our celebration would not be complete if there would be no yummy treats for all of us. So, Ir prepared delectable pancakes and sweet fruits on our trays! We just gobbled them up and thanked our wonderful mommies and friends for bringing us joy in the classroom.

We went out to the park and enjoy the warm  weather. We’re always grateful for the wonderful moments we shared with everyone.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class