Dino Party!

3rd June 2019

Today we had W’s TEACH ME NOW and learnt how to do a dinosaur dance. He dressed up in a dinosaur suit so he could be more authentic and we loved learning the dance in this way. Sometimes when we dress up, we feel the part more. He created the moves and his mom drew a sketch for each move. It was a great guide for us and when we looked at the pictures, we knew how to do the moves. We therefore could watch both William in action and the pictures, at the same time; while listening to the music. It was a fun dinosaur song.

We stood up and shook our tails. Then we stomped our feet. The third action was  to go hunting and the final action was to roar loudly like a dinosaur. It was so much fun. W was very excited to have question time afterwards.

W: I want to do questions. Okay, Antoine?

An: Why did you bring the pictures

W: Because I decided to bring the pictures. Because they are part of my TEACH ME NOW

Kai: Is it easy for your friends to see the pictures?

W: No

Al: Why did you bring the dinosaur clothes

W: Because I want to do the same song.

Kai: Can you still teach the song, if you don’t have the dinosaur clothes on?

W: Yes

W: A-chan

A: What dinosaur is it?

W: I don’t know what song is it. Ava

Kai: Do you have a question? If you have a question then please raise your hand

T: Did you make the costume

W: No, maybe Mo gave it me it was his birthday. It was Mo’s birthday and my birthday.

Kai: Where did you learn the moves?

W: I learnt the moves and decided to do this. Mommy said I should teach the chicken dance but I wanted to do a dinosaur dance.

Everyone had so much fun doing the dinosaur dance.

We did TEACH ME NOW before snack time, because William was dressed in the dinosaur suit which was quite warm. After his TEACH ME NOW, he took it off.

Early in the morning, we had many things to choose from in our classroom. We had one table with wooden boards and rubber bands for us to make patterns and designs on. At the same table we had the light table. The light table had coloured cellophane shapes on it with other transparent colourful objects. We could mix the colours and create our own colours and do whatever we wanted to. Many of us were curious about the light coming from behind. We can see through the shapes without the light however with the light, the colours are much brighter. We are wondering what else we can use the light table for. Perhaps our teachers will put something else on it tomorrow?


Fabric/material is always something that you can be extremely creative with. We used it to make hiding places/houses on the mat. We took chairs, our trolley with drinks on it and some other surfaces and placed the fabric/material over them to make the hiding places and houses. Once they were semi secure, we could go under them and play games with our friends. We always love the idea of not being able to be seen, even though people can sometimes see us, when we think we are invisible.


Gymnastics is always a high energy time of the day for us. We usually do things in teams once we have completed our warm up exercises. We have learnt many games with a ball and today, we used the ball in a different way. Miyashita sensei set the large green mattress up so that it was standing at an angle, on top of chairs. There were two lines on the floor and our task was to stand at the line, hold the ball as high as our shoulder and through the ball at the mattress. Because the mattress was at an angle, the ball naturally bounced back at us, and we caught it. We could catch it after a few bounces if that was easier; and then passed it on to the next person waiting in our team. At the end of our gymnastics lesson we enjoy having something to help us quieten our bodies and are grateful for our yoga lesson each week.

Take a deep inhalation and hold it for a few seconds and then exhale…….phhhhhhhhh.

We practiced all the singing for our Graduation Party and our teachers have absolute faith in us and know that we will make ourselves proud and our families proud, on the day. We tried on something for the first time (which we cannot tell you about) and we all felt comfortable wearing them. Shhhhhh.

We did some drawing at one of the tables and enjoyed writing letters, and making our own unique “hieroglyphic” writing. Some of us wanted to make shapes so our teachers drew shapes for us, we cut them out and then we pasted them into our workbooks/portfolios. Did you know that our year books are arriving on Monday morning. We will have them on time to give to our parents at our party and are so excited to see them. What will they look like? What colour will be they be? We know nothing!

Felt shapes are fun to play with and we put them onto our boards in whichever way we wanted to. Sometimes we create stories when we are putting shapes on, however today we placed them randomly and had fun talking to our friends, rather than making up stories.

Here are some photos of us playing at the light table. You can see how we love looking through “rose coloured glasses” at the world. Everything is colourful and bright. When we use the yellow, maybe it is a bit too bright. It reminded Shelley of the book called “The Great Blueness and other Predicaments”. This story is about colours and their meaning and how they affect our moods.

Thanks for a fabulous day. Love all the children in Flowers Class.