Happy World Book Day!


It’s our World Book day today! Everybody came in with their fabulous costumes that they wanted to show to Ohana family. The way we celebrated our book day was quite fun because all of our Ohana friends came to Buds class to have a parade. We all formed a big circle around the classroom and our teachers played a song while each class took turns in going around and showing their wonderful costumes. From Flowers Class, we saw a queen, cat, ants, alien and many more. They really prepared their costumes well because you could see the excited faces of each one. From Petals Class children, there were different occupations, mouse, a cookie, fish and more. We recognized some of them from our books from the library and it was awesome to see them in real life.

As we bid goodbye to all the classes, we sang our goodbye song and waved our hands. It was a pleasure to have them all and it’s lovely to be with our friends and teachers on this special event. We would also like to say our thanks to some of our friends who came with their costumes on. Thank you for staying and doing the parade with us. We really adore showing your gorgeous book characters. The spirit of Ohana is really strong and we can all feel the unity that we have in and out of the classroom. It was indeed a marvelous day!

John, Nimo and Chiaki read a book from our friends today. We actually brought the books to school to show everyone how we loved reading them. We chose to read Angelina Ballerina, Thomas the train, Where’s Wally?, Moana book, When I was a dinosaur (Japanese book), Batman book, Frozen book, Miffy book, Curious George, Paw Patrol book, Giraffe can’t dance and many more books. We would like to request if we could keep them for this week. We loved to share this book with everyone.

We also went to the park and it was a sunny day. The flowers at the park looked so bright and joyful. We also watered our flowers in Buds class. Some of friends were so kind to help us out in sprinkling some water. Also, we sang our “Little Flower” song. We hope that this could help them to grow a lot more in our care.

At the park, it was an adventure too. We were looking around the park for ants but we found something better. There was an Easter egg in one of the bushes. Inside the egg was a little piece of chocolate, we shared the chocolate together and to have a little piece of sweet after lunch was a great treat from our teachers. Thank you so much again Ohana for another beautiful day and see you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Adorable book characters from Buds