We took a trip to Venezuela...all aboard on our private jet!

Another beautiful day of sun shine and cool breeze. We are so thankful for this beautiful weather…

We prepared ourselves for an exciting day ahead! This morning we moved our dinosaur toys to the tab with a habitat mat. It was interesting to see how they were playing with a smaller confined space. This time the animals were Roaring more and talk to each other, compared to them play fighting and walking around in the carpet area.

At the carpet area children played with  the smaller dinosaurs that could be sorted by colour and design. Automatically children started making them into the families they looked similar in., without any prompts. They sectioned animal that looked similar in design and then in colour.  Children are naturally calculative and figure out things on their own, as long as we give them the time to do so.


After our morning fun, Kiki gathered everyone to get on our “plane.” Today we landed in beautiful Venezuela! We have Marvy (Sara’s mom) teach us about our beautiful country and it’s culture. We started by first watching a short video that Marvy mad about Venezuela. In the video she told us that the shape of the country looks like a rhino and that it is always summer there. There are lots of wild animals in Venezuela, especially macaws, that make lots of noises in the towns and cities. Venezuela is also home to the tallest waterfall in the world! The Pixar movie “UP” had this waterfall in it… so cool! Venezuela also has a special flowering tree like Japan's cherry blossoms, they are called Araguaney or flor de mayo (Tabebuia chrysantha). They are beautiful yellow flowers that fill up the street of Venezuela.

Marvy then showed us  the music and dance of form her country. We had a special performance too by Sara and Marvy. It looked like so much fun as they danced with their beautiful skirts and outfits. Next time we will join in too!

After the wonderful performance it was time to cook some Venezuelan food called Arepas! It is made with corn flour and water, which is then shaped into little pancake discs. You can fill them up with any topping you like, but traditionally there is always Venezuelan cheese. Today we got an option of Venezuelan cheese (which is like feta cheese but not crumbly and made with cow’s milk), shredded mozzarella and chicken tomato stuffing. Children helped Marvy pat the arepas in their palm and were able to choose their topping of choice, as we cooked them up. Once cooked they can be cut up like a pita bread pocket and stuffed with your preferred topping.

IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! All plates were emptied and Petals class gave Marvy a big thumbs up for the yumminess!

After our snacks and thanking Sara’s mommy we headed to the park to beautiful day!

Thank you Marvy for a beautiful looking into country and it’s culture!


Have lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!