Tails, Tails, Tails


Good morning everyone! Another beautiful day today in Tokyo. Mr. Sun surely came up and loved to play with us at the park. Before that, we all had to do our morning jobs and finish everything that we needed to pack away. On our art table, we had a painting activity with our brushes ready for us to paint away. First, we didn’t know which colors we wanted to use. We then decided to start with red, then blue and then yellow. It created beautiful patterns around the paper. Then it suddenly occurred to us that we could use our hands in making more patterns on our big paper. Some of us walked around so that we could spread the colors evenly and beautifully.

The other table was busy with different toy animals that we borrowed from Petals class. They were quite different from what we have on our cupboard but the ones we borrowed had more variety and it was a good opportunity for all of us to know the names of the animals inside. Here, we found the salamander, horn lizard, warthog, flamingo, chimpanzee, rhino and rooster. We learned these things through play time and the way we absorbed the information such as names and things they do were quite fast.

The carpet area was busy with different toys as well. We took out the train tracks and Liezel (Flowers Class teacher) came to our class for an exchange program for two days. It was really nice to see her here today because she always stayed by our side and asked beautiful questions that made us think more about what we did in the classroom. After packing away our toys, we gathered and made a big circle. We did our attendance roll call and we noticed that one of our friends did not come to school. John john said that he was sick. Then we asked, “Why he was sick?” John told us that he is feeling under the weather so that means it could be cough, cold or fever. We asked him, “What is fever?” and he explained to us that sometimes we could feel ourselves when we have a fever by touching our necks and if it is hot then we might have a fever. So, we realized that we are all fine because we tried touching our necks and it was not hot at all. But some of our friends pretended that they were sick too. When they sneezed, “Ahchoo!”. We all said, “Bless you!” We were such good actors and probably we got this trait from playing so much at the dress-up corner.

For our circle time, we talked about our Baby Bud and Ad took care of Baby Bud yesterday. He talked about their time at the park when he was playing with Baby Bud with a soccer ball. He also explained that his brother, N played with our baby. Ad further explained that they went home with Baby Bud and he gave the baby a lot of food. He did this because he felt that the baby was tired from playing outside. After our short sharing with Adam, we played with the tails that Nanako brought to school. It was really good to practice playing “Grab the tail” in the classroom for a bit so that we could play at the big green area more. Nimo was there to play with us and he was quite fast. We actually couldn’t keep up with him so when the other big classes came. They helped us to grab Nimo’s tail and...BRAVO! We did it! By working well together, there’s nothing impossible for us to do.

By the way, we also talked about taking turns in the classroom. We read a book called, “It’s my turn” by David Bedford. It was good to hear that sharing and being patient can create beautiful friendship with the people around us.

Thank you so much Ohana for another beautiful day. See you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the tail chasers from Buds class