More Picnic!


Picnic day! “That’s three times we went will go on a picnic this week!” said G when he saw the picnic bag as he walked in. We have to make the best of this weather before it gets too hot.

  In the morning, Hisami had playing cards out and we played a couple of card games. The first one was “babanuki”. In babanuki you we took turns picking a random card from our friend and tried to match it with the same number that we have in our hands. If we made pairs then we could put them down. Whoever can put their whole hand down first is the winner and whoever has the last card, a joker, is the loser. A got super lucky and won two games in a row! The second game we played was called “doughnut”. We spread the cards out in a circle and flipped a card in the middle. We took turns flipping a card on top of the other card and if it’s the same shape then we want to quickly put our hands on the middle card. This game didn’t have a winner, we just needed to think about if it’s the same shape or not.

  On the other table D, Y, M and J had a glitter accident. They were trying to get the materials ourselves to finished the painting from yesterday, went we knocked over the glitter and bling bling box. M immediately went and got the broom and dust pan to clean up. We didn’t have enough brooms for everyone to use so D picked up the large paint brush instead and while we were cleaning J said, “We can help each other.” D mentioned, “We can have a glitter party.” and Y replied, “It looks like fairy dust!.” Even Mi came over to join the festivities. When they were all clean they decided they wanted to use glitter glue to make grass. They got the materials carefully this time and completed the painting.


  Today we were able to share with each other what we did this morning. G explained the doughnut game to everyone, Y  explained the painting that she did and J explained what they did today. Then we had a chance to ask questions:

G- “How did you make it?”

J- “We just made a plan then we made it!”

K- “How did you make the plan?”

D- “We talked about it all together.”

So that’s how they came up with a single piece of art. Maybe we can all try more group work.

  Yes! It’s finally park time! But it’s not all fun and games because after the picnic we had our last farewell party for a while, hopefully. Today we had to say our goodbyes to G. We took turn to say something or do something with G. One of our friends wanted to sing “Twinkle, twinkle little star” with Griffin so we all stood up and sang. Most of our friends gave him big hugs and he received lots of “I love you”. J had some life advice for G as well. He said, “I miss you and I love you. You can visit anytime. Make a lot of friends and be nice to your friends that you make. You need to be yourself like when you’re at Ohana.” G also has something he wanted to do with us. He wanted us to sing the “Continent song” together. We love singing the continent song!

  “Tell me the continents, tell me the continents,

Tell me the continents please.

North America, South America

Europe, Asia, Africa,

Don’t forget about Oceania,

Don’t forget about Antarctica.

These are the continents, these are the continents,

These are the continent in the world.”


It was a great way to say farewell to our beloved friend.

  This week has been a mixed emotion on ups and downs. We had lots of fun having, gym, music and dance class again but we also had to say goodbye to our dearest friends C, M and G. We will miss them in our daily lives. However, we will be looking forward to seeing them in the afternoon classes too. We hope you week has been nothing but sweetness.



Flowers Class Children.