Dance the Day Away


Click click click. Today we had a group photo for the yearbook and photo retake day! We were really excited because Y and R came back to play with us today!

When we came into the classroom there was no activity setup for us again! All there was were a Pyramid, red ball and an metal Earth that could be opened up on one table. The other table had a plastic contraption and two toilet paper rolls. What will we do? J, R, D, Y, M and E were attracted to the plastic and toilet paper roll. Four of them sat there and because there were only four seats the other two friends pulled chairs from another table to join. They took the toilet paper and put it inside the contraption at first. Then they used the paper roll as binoculars. J left the table and it started a chain reaction has everybody else followed. Then R held J and picked up a book to read and naturally everybody joined and sat on the carpet to read quietly.

(On the table there was, Earth, red ball and pyramid. R sat by herself and experimented with the objects. )

Kai was sitting at the table when she opened the Earth and placed the ball inside and started to roll it around and said:

R- “Somethings inside! I like this ball.”

Kai- “Why do you like the ball?”

R– “It sounds like a ball. See? (shaking the ball) There’s something inside I think it’s just a ball.”

(G step in)

G– “Is that a planet with only water or Earth?”

R- “I don’t know.”

G- “Kai what is it?”

Kai- “I don’t know let’s look at it.”

(R and G examine the object.)

G- “I think it’s Earth.”

(G leaves the table and R continues to play with the ball inside the Earth.)

Kai- “Is that what all balls sound like? What do other things sound like?”

(R opens the Earth ball and takes out the red ball.) 

R– “I open it and no sound and you close it this one (points to red ball) no sound too. You put it in a make sound.”

Kai- “What else can we do to a sound?”

(R rolls the red ball then hits it.)

R- “This red ball hit it and make sound. (rolls the red ball again) I like this sound. (Puts the red ball in the Earth and rolls) I like this sound too.”

Kai- “I wonder what other sounds it can make?”

(R opens the Earth takes out the red ball and spins it on the table. C comes over and puts the ball in half of the Earth and twill it around.)

R- “I like that sound too! Shaking and rolling sound.”

Before taking our group photos Hisami played songs for us on the piano to see if we can guess them. She played “Rain, rain go away”, “You are my sunshine” and “Sing the rainbow”. We all sang to the songs and she asked us what category the songs are from. R said really quickly, “Weather!”. After that it was time to go up stairs to take our group photo. We were able to fit all 15 of us in the elevator with Shelley. We lined up nicely and did some smiling photos and some silly crazy face photos.

When we finished with snack, Kai showed us a bingo wheel with sight words on it. He said it was important for us to memorize the words because you can’t sounded it out. He spun the wheel and wrote the first word for us on a piece of red paper “go”. Then asked Jotaro and Griffin to spin and write. All together we had “go”, “was” and “are”. Kai flipped them over and we played a little three card monte. He stared only moving one and then after we played for a while moved the cards quickly and multiple times. We had to guess which one was the right card at the end. After this Kai taught us a game they play in Kenya called “Nyama, nyama”. Nyama means meat in Swahili, every we hear an animal that we can eat we have to jump and say “nyama, nyama”. Instead, of only doing African animals we included whatever animals we can think of. If we could eat it then we jump.

Today is Thursday so what means dance class with Maryna! But unfortunately Maryna was busy but we had our own dance party anyway. Kai took the laptop and queued up all sorts of different songs for us to play freeze dance. Hisami also brought the disco light down so we could dance. We listen to the tempo of the music and danced according to if it fast or slow. Some songs we danced with a partner and others we jumped around. We listened to anything from swan lake, waltz and tango music to rock, ska and disco. Some of use really expressed our bodies by maneuvering it in difficult positions and other are happy just jumping and stopping. We were all excited from all the dancing so for our last song we played some calming music. We sat down and did a little meditation practice with Hisami before lunch. We were able to relax our body and relax our mind. Namaste.

It was another fun filled day at Ohana. We hope you also had a great day like we did. Until next time!



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