The Philippines


A beautiful morning it is again in Buds Class and we’re so excited to see what’s going to happen in our class. After we did our morning jobs, we went straight to our carpet area and saw a box and markers on the floor. One of us just grabbed a dot marker and attempted to open it but it was a bit diffi-cult for his grip, he then went to the box of pastels but again, his fingers couldn’t open it and lastly, he tried to open the regular markers and tada...he was able to do it. He began to color around the box and made his own patterns. It was so fasci-nating that we could all do this without our teacher’s help. This was a true self-directed experience and we definitely enjoyed using our imagination during free play time. Some of our friends got really brave writing on the floor so our teachers just put the paper without saying a word. We in-stantly drew on the paper and it was such a great way to start our day with creative art.
On the art table, we had the tree art to paint on. We used our a creativity again and this time, we painted on the cover sheet. We made dots and lines until it created beautiful patterns on it. The sensory table was available too and we did the scooping practice on our own. We just noticed that our teachers were all watch-ing us and observing what’s going in the classroom. This is such a great thing for all of us to work together.

Before circle time, we cleaned our classroom all by ourselves. We noticed that we could do so many things and it’s just amazing to think that we’re becoming very independent in fulfilling our responsibilities. John talked about his home country today and it is the Philippines! He said that his country has many special animals...there are eagles, carabao (water buffalo) and butanding (whale shark). Then, he also talked about three regions from his country and the color of the Philippine Flag. We saw red, blue, yellow and white. There is a sun and three
stars on them too. One of us noticed that the Philippine flag was hanging on our classroom. Good observation everyone! Lastly, he taught us more about the Igorot. Igorots are the tribesman from Cordillera provinces. They live in the mountains and love to sing and dance. We listened to the music Kiki and Nimo were the percussion instru-ments while we all danced around with our hands moving up and down. When the percussion rolled, we turned around as fast as we could. When the music stopped, we also stopped and waited for the next set of music. We also copied the fabric that the igorots wear when they’re dancing. We made lines of different colors.

We also went out for a walk today. It was really cold. While walking, Nimo talked to us about all sorts of things like “What’s your favorite food? Animal?” It was again a sweet time in Buds class.

Thank you so much and have a great day! See you all again tomorrow.
Lots of love,
All the little adventurers in Buds class 2017-2018