Let's put our dancing feet on !!

February 8th, 2018

Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic day today as we did lots of fun activities. Thursday means ‘Creative Dance and Movement’ session with Maryna, and it’s our absolute favorite. We put on our imaginary dancing shoes and as we waited for Maryna, Mo commented, “We have ballet today. Look I have pink ballet dress”. Maryna always come with a big smile on her face and we love her energy as she dances with us. We started by doing ‘curtsy’ and then did some stretches and movements for flexibility. This was followed by ‘good toes, naughty toes’ dance. Other songs we danced on were circle time finger play song, weather song and baby shark. Finally, we did ‘chicken dance’, which was a new song for us. We love the repetitive dance movements in the song, that we had to do slowly and then really fast and then slow again. Thank you, Maryna, for a fantastic session again today!


On Tuesday, we are going for a Chinese New Year parade to Buds and Flowers Class and our teachers have requested us to wear something red, if possible. Red and gold are auspicious colors during the festival. The lanterns we have made are also red and gold in color. We will be carrying our lanterns, when we go for the parade. Today, we briefly discussed our plans for the day and even learnt the Chinese New Year song ‘xīn nián hǎo ya’. Its always fun to learn songs in different languages and its our first time to sing a Chinese song. Many thanks to Pauline for playing the Ukulele and teaching us this wonderful song. We can’t wait to sing it to our Buds and Flowers friends.



During drop off time today, we saw a couple of our friends run on the street and trying to cross the street independently. While there was no accident, our teachers called us out on this and alerted us to always hold an adult’s hand when we cross. It’s important to be safe and alert on the road!

There were number cards on the table along with slime and we tried to mold it like the shape of the number. Many of our friends spent a long time doing this activity.

As we worked on our passports today, we colored the flag of the country where we come from. We discussed that each country has their own flag and while some of us come from one country, a few of us come from two countries, for example Av’s dad is from India and her mum is from the United States of America. Hence, she pasted and colored the flags of two countries in her passport.

We also sang the continent song and worked on our continent world puzzle. It’s a part of Montessori geography puzzle and has helped us to learn the name of different continents.

School is closed from 9 – 12th February and we are looking forward to celebrating the long weekend with our family.

Bye Bye see you all next week!



Little dancers in Petals Class

Ohana International School