UK/English Day


Paddington the bear is here to play with us….but wait, we need to put his nose back!

            Such a beautiful day again here at Ohana! We are ready for a fabulous time again and we feel that there’s a lot in store for us. As we did our morning jobs, we all went to our carpet area and did some Megablock construction. Our famous Ampanman was lying around and we built some houses for him to rest. Our teachers asked us, “Where do we need to put Ampanman?” One of our friends said that it’s standing on the roof. We guessed that he’s ready to fly once again.

            Our art table was filled with dot markers and we had to put some dots around the paper to make   wonderful patterns all over it. We didn’t just use one hand but we used both of our hands to stamp on the paper. It’s not just a good way of developing our fine motor but it was also a better way to develop our arm muscles. Another thing that we did was our puzzles. We keep on improving our skills on this one because some of us were able to finish 6-8 puzzle pieces in such a short period of time.

            When we did our circle time, we moved our hands from side to side and made some sounds on our carpet and it was like a dancing and galloping horses around the classroom. Then, Jess’s mom (Rachel) visited us and said hello. We wondered why she’s here today. Oh that’s right! She’s going to do our international month again. This time, we’re going to talk about where they are from – the UK! First, we talked about the various things, people and places that we can see from the UK. She showed us pictures of Big Ben, fish and chips, Sunday roast, Queen Elizabeth, a palace, phone booth and a double-decked bus. We were very interested and listened attentively. There was also Paddington Bear who is a big, friendly and polite bear. We also played a game and it was really nice to see how brave we were because we got to use our blindfold. Lastly, she read a book about “The tiger who went to the tea party.” And of course, the British like tea-parties! This book is so perfect! Thank you so much Rachel for coming to our class. We really enjoyed our time with you!

            We went to the park and it was such a nice weather outside. Although the ground is a bit muddy, we still had a fantastic time running and playing around the park. Thank you so much Ohana and have a great day! See you all tomorrow.

            By the way, we’ve got some scones made by our special visitor. It was divine to top it with butter and jam. Hmmm…so yummy!

Lots of love,

All the tea party goers from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School