Christmas is coming


                                                                                                                        December 5th, 2018


Whacky Wednesday! Well today was not so whacky but it was incredibly busy with two celebrations together with lighting our third Channukah candle, creating our unique Christmas tree, doing puzzles, playing with blocks, playing with our sensory boxes, making Christmas decorations and much much more.

Our HUGE work in progress became a Christmas tree today. We had a few decorations inside our school closet which we used and for the rest of the decorations, we are in the process of making them. Yesterday we started off covering balls with shiny yarn/wool which we winded all around the balls and we continued doing this today. Tomorrow we will add some decorative collage e. g. little mosaic mirrors, beads, shiny things etc. We used tinsel to wind around the branches and we made pretend presents which we placed at the bottom of the tree. We will make a special area which will be our Happy Holidays area, where the tree will stand. We can play there and use it as our imaginative holiday play area. Maybe we can even make some snow to sprinkle there, since Christmas in the northern hemisphere is usually accompanied by snow and the cold.

We completed our polar bear puzzle which was really difficult. The reason for this was that almost the entire puzzle was white or shades of white. We needed time to try to match the pieces and completed it with a big sigh of relief. Our sensory boxes are extremely popular and we spent time filling cups with a variety of materials and then putting them back, sorting them into the same items in each box. We have a total of 24 boxes so there are 24 different materials. We use them together with plastic tweezers and cups. Of course, we love mixing them and then when it is time to pack away, we have another job, to sort them.


Celebrations are very much a part of our days at this time of the year. Today we had a birthday party for Kiki who will be 30 tomorrow and Hisami who will be 41 on the 16th December. We sang “How old are you now?” and “When you’re happy and you know it”. When we brought the cake out with the candles burning we sang “Happy birthday to you” and when they blew the candles out, we sang “Otanjobi omedetou”. We gave them special cards that we made in our classes and they chose some of our friends to give them their tiaras and cards.

Thanks Buds for letting us celebrate in your classroom. The celebrations continued when we had Grace’s farewell party with her mum, Kellie.

We had her party just before lunch and we were so excited because it was a pizza party. So if you see that some of us didn’t finish our lunch today, you know that it was because we feasted on pizza and fruit salad…..Yummmm. Thank you so much Kellie for your generosity to us in Flowers Class.

We made a placemat for Grace and hope that when she thinks about us, she can look at all of our photos on the placemat! We love you Grace. We will miss you and all your wonderful conversations, thoughts and comments.

Tomorrow we will continue with some of the activities that we are doing so that all of our friends have a chance to make some kind of decoration for the tree. Kai said that it is called a holiday tree. We will tell our teachers what we would like to call it tomorrow and Hisami will make a sign. Thanks for a fabulous day today.

XOXOXOXO Flowers Class children
















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