Decorating our Holiday Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How evergreen your branches…

What a beautiful way to start our day again! As we began our morning, we finished our jobs and prepared ourselves for another fantastic adventure in Buds. First, we saw the play dough on our table and we all enjoyed squeezing, pressing and forming them in different shapes. Tamara was so kind to help out to make stars, circle and squares. Oh how wonderful they all are and we’re definitely glad that we learned how to make these shapes with our hands so easily.

The other table was the painting activity that we did since yesterday. We put blue and white paint initially and now we tried to combine red and white. We are so interested in this because we used pom poms in making marks/stamps around the whole cardboard boxes. Some of our friends said that they were making dinosaurs, penguins and snowman. We could use more of our imagination as we went along with our activity. We always enjoyed creating and saying what we think of our painting. In the end, we call this painting “Winter Sky”.

The carpet area was busy with the wood-en toys and some blocks from our storage area. Again, creating and building are just some bits of what we love doing in Buds class. The beauty of these learning experiences is that we got to choose the materials and expanding our thoughts and ideas with all the other friends we have.

We slowly packed away our toys and then gathered in a circle. We also loved doing circle time because our teachers always prepared interesting materials for us to see. We lighted up the second pretend candle on our menorah. Again, we remained calm and quiet for another thirty seconds and we felt really good after that. Then, John brought out the Christmas decorations that we have in our classroom. He showed us the bags full of sparkly materials and passed them around the room. This way, we’re all able to see, smell and touch these materials. John showed us the long tinsels with cut-out bells, Christmas hearts and cutout snowflakes. We also realized that we could decorate our whole classroom with these and turn our classroom into a “Christmas theme” atmosphere. John asked us, “Do you also have a Christmas tree at home?” Most of us raised our hands and said, “Yes!” “What decorations do you put on your Christmas tree?” “We put Christmas balls”, we all replied. Christmas hearts are what we have in the classroom. They have a different texture and the design was pretty good too. Suddenly, one of us asked the question, “Where is my heart?” John followed it up with a question, “Hmmm...that is right! Where can we find our hearts?” Then he brought out a doll that when you look inside her body you would see some body parts like a heart, lungs and tummy. The whole thing looked child-friendly so we were not really scared to look at them. One of friends

found where the heart was and pointed it out in front of the class. He said, “Here’s the heart. It is red.” John inquired, “How about John-john? Do you think I have a heart too?” Our friend said, “I don’t know.” “Do you want to listen to my heart?” John asked again. We put out our classroom stethoscope and he put it in his shirt and he asked us to come to him and listen to his heart. We took turns and we agreed that he has his heart saying, “dub-dub”. We were so amazed by the sound of it. We even listened to it while we were lining up to wash our hands.

Park time is always fun. We stayed in the green area and ran with our friends as much as we could. Later on, we saw all the other Ohana family and had such a great time interacting with them. Thank you so much Ohana for another great day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the curious Buds class

Ohana International School