Sports Day ......bravo everyone!


On Monday 8th October, which was a National Holiday in Japan, we all celebrated Ohana International School’s Sports Day event. It was absolutely fabulous.

Ohana has an amazing group of teachers and staff and together they hit the jackpot with our Sports Day event. We were so happy to see such a big selection of races, games, activities and our parents joined in the event with lots of enthusiasm and passion. We saw this especially in the parents races. Oh my gosh, our mums and dads were so serious and we thought that they were all winners! Even though Kohei won the Flowers Class parents race. Well done to all our mums and dads and to all our friends and siblings who participated.

The games we had were:

Running races for each class separately

Running races for parents in each class, separately


Tamaire, parachute game, Lego relay race, sack race, lily pad race, obstacle course and ball pit game. Some of the games required us to wait a long time, especially the ball pit where we could “swim” among the balls and try to put as many puppets as we could, inside the bucket. The Tamaire game was all about filling the nets up with as many balls as possible and in the end we tried to see which net had more balls in it. We had yellow balls in one of the nets and white balls in the other one. The Lego relay race was so much fun. We think that some of our teachers loved this one a lot. We had to run with one block, put it down and then run back to our team members; give one of them a high five. Off they ran to our block and they put theirs on top of it. The goal was to build a tall tower. The sack race was all about jumping in a sack with two feet together from one end to the other. Phew, this one required lots of stamina! The lily pad race, we practiced in our classroom. Each person has two lily pads. They stand on one and reach behind and put one in front of them. They jump on the one in front of them and then reach for the one behind and put that one in front of them and so on; until they get to the end.

In the obstacle course had to walk along balance beam, go through a tunnel, throw the rings over the cones, step inside the rings, do a somersault or roll on the mat, roll the ball around the cones like slalom or zig zag. It was challenging for some of us and it took a while to complete the obstacle course.

We are so excited to know what next years Sports Day will be like. All of us came to Sports Day with our families and we had snack time and lunch time with them and at the very end of the day, we received medals.

Thanks for a fantastic Sports Day Ohana International School.

We loved it sooooooooo much