Happy Birthday Shelley!


Happy Friday everyone! We always find ways to have fun at Ohana come rain, hail or shine, so despite more rainy weather we found ways to entertain ourselves indoors.

In the morning we had fun making more funny faces with our face sticker art. Some of us could make a face by ourselves, using 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth and 2 ears but some of us chose to make funny faces with multiple eyes, noses, mouths and ears!

On the other table we were loving getting messy with paint. Chiaki helped us firstly draw a picture using crayons and then we painted our picture. We swirled together green and blue to make our beautiful art work.

Today in circle time Tamara read us the book “All By Myself” by Mercer Mayer. We read and discussed all the things that we could do by ourselves. Everyday we are becoming more and more independent. Some of us can put our shoes on and get dressed by ourselves, others can use the toilet and brush our hair.

Today is an extra special day…….it’s Shelley’s Birthday. The whole school celebrated together with a surprise party. Everyone came and joined us in our classroom and we all presented Shelley with our special class cards we made. We sung Happy Birthday, Shelley made her birthday wishes and blew out the candles on her cake. We love being a part of the Ohana family and are so fortunate to be able to celebrate such special occasions together.

As we couldn’t go outside today we spent the afternoon creating buildings, vehicles and all sorts with our lego blocks, the possibilities are endless. We also spent the afternoon dancing away to music to burn off all our energy. After all the building and dancing we were so hungry and tired. We ate our delicious lunches and lay down to rest our bodies.

Lots of Love

The Birthday Celebrating Buds.x