Sweet Sweet Day

Sweet Sweet day! Today it was another sweet day because we cooked with our sweet potatoes that we dug out on Wednesday. It was also sweet because we get to go home early and eat lunch with our parents! On top of that we also did lots of activities and played games.

Sweet Potato Fries


We started off my cutting the sweet potato into slices with real knifes. Kai showed us how to hold the potato first. We needed to curl our fingers in so they are safe from the sharp knife. After we have the grip then we grabbed the knife and started cutting. The potatoes were really hard so we needed help from the teachers. After that we soaked the potatoes in water to get the starch out of it. N and Wi help dry the potatoes and then they mixed a little bit of cornstarch to make it crispier. We made three different kinds of seasoning.  We poured some oil over the potatoes and added the other ingredients. First batch we made it sweet with cinnamon and sugar. The second batch we took some rosemary from the garden and added it in the mix. The last one we added habanero pepper to give it some zing. After the batches were all mixed up, Al and An carefully place it on the baking sheet so they didn’t touch each other. We baked it at 210c for 15min and then turned it over and continued baking for another 15mins. Then voilà! Yummy sweet potato fries! It finished just in time for snack. We ate ALL the sweet sweet potatoes but the rosemary and spicy one wasn’t really our cup of tea.

Free play

There was so many activities out today. We had Kapla blocks on the floor, people toys, Maki and Liezel were working with us to make Halloween decorations, dominos and of course puzzles. We had pictures of bats, witches, pumpkins and other Halloween characters on the table. There were toilet paper rolls, construction paper and other decorations on the table for us to make the Halloween characters. We had to use our imagination to think about how we can turn this 2D object into a 3D object. Some looked exactly like the picture. Sa used the same color hair and, hat and even made a cape for her witch. On the floor they had earthquake and fire drills with the people figurines.

Happy Family


We’re still continuing with our Happy Family project. Last time we were able to talk about two of the drawings.  Today we broke up into two groups and talked about the other two. Same as before we talked about what we see?, what we think? what we wonder? And what we can do next?. In one of the groups, Liezel and Maki asked us, “Close your eyes and imagine you are on the beach. What can you see?” The responses were:


Grace: I can’t see anything, it’s too dark!

Momo: I see a seagull. It flies and goes under the water to catch fish.

Grace: Flamingo because I know that they are at the beach.

In the other group we saw very interesting images on the same drawing. We just looked at the picture without listening to the story first. We used our imagination to think about what the images are. Alona saw aliens while Mia saw an umbrella. We also talked about maybe using coloring in the drawing with markers or using water color for it. It is still very much a work in process so we’ll have to see what we do with it.

Guess Who?

We have our own ideas of what games we wants to play. We wanted to play musical chairs, freeze dance, laser game, and guess who. After a democratic vote we decided on guess who. We took turns hiding under a blanket in the middle of the circle. While someone is under the blanket the teacher chose a friend for them to say, “Hi ____” Then whoever is under the cover had to guess who called their name. We were all very good at recognizing each other voices. What a great game to test ourselves.

Even though it was a short day, it felt like a long, productive day. We were all excited when our moms, dads or babysitters picked us up to go have lunch. Hope you all had a wonderful day like we did! We will miss all the adventures we have in the classroom when we are away next week.



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