Sweet Potato Digging!

What a fabulous day we all had today!!

Thank you to all the moms, dads, and babysitters that came today and supported their children such a wonderful day. We couldn’t have done it without all your support!


We were very lucky to have the sun out and shining brightly down on us! We all arrived ready for the day, with our gloves, shoves and boots. Each class had their own section to dig in, along with fun games and activities to do while other classes took turn to dig. We had Buds class go first, followed with Petals and Flowers. Our music corner, bubble station, parachute, and walking cups were quite popular with the children. But the most fun was had at the little hill, where children slid down in cardboard boxes.

Everyone went home with dirt of their clothes and smiles on their faces...and lets not forget, yummy sweet potatoes for dinner!

As our children live in the city, it is important for them to connect with mother Earth! With all the stress and stimulus surrounding young children these days, it is important that they learn strategies to remain calm, alert, focused and the ability to control their feelings while learning and interacting with others. Self regulation in children is something that can be influenced by the Earth. Earthing is when your body connects with the ground and the nature around us. The Earth's energy neutralizes the free radicals in our bodies and allows neutrality to take place.  One of the best ways to practice this is by walking barefoot on the dirt, or even playing with our bare hands in the mud, as our bare skin is conductive. Our skin has many nerve endings, which help release any pent up energy or anxiety. As a result of earthing, you'll quickly see a positive behavioral change in children and heightened self awareness in kids. Therefore today was a wonderful day for our children to be one with nature and release any emotions and anxiety they may have been carrying.

Children dug, ran and rolled around in the mud with so much joy and so much curiosity! We are happy that we were able to facilitate this learning for them.

Take a good rest this evening and see you tomorrow! 


Grounded Petals Class


Ohana International School