Guess which letter?


Morning activities

         Making our faces

Some of our friends have not finished making our faces. There were some options to pick our noses and mouths. We were not sure which ones belong to ourselves, but it was fun to match someone else’s nose and to someone’s mouth. We drew our eyes with markers and we used colorful yawns for our hair. Each face is very unique. Same same, but different.

        Sports day art work

We were working on the art work of the sports day. It was the big fun family event, so we want to keep that great memory as an art work.  We tried to remember what we did, and we drew some pictures, cut the papers and pasted them on our sports day memory work. The pamphlet/stamp card could helped us to remember what we did.

       Making the thank you card for Natan’s grandma

We had a mystery reader yesterday. Natan’s grandma visited our class and she read a book for us. We made a thank you card for her. Because the story was about bear, we decorated a big bear and some photos from yesterday. We wrote “ Safta Dina had a story to tell” on the front of the card just like the title “The Bear Had a Story To Tell”. We drew some pictures of the animals from the book and glued them on the card. We hope that she will like the card! Thank you so much for coming! We love to welcome our other family members to our school.

Park time

Because the sky seemed moody in this morning, we decided to go to the park early before the rain drops falling down. There were nobody but Flowers friends. We could run around all over the park. We had lots of fun chasing Kai. We went up the hill, down the hill, climbing up the stairs, sliding down the slide. He was too fast to catch for us, but whenever we caught him, we took him under the slide and kept him in our secret base.

Story time

Kai read one of the stories we created last Friday. It was Liezel team’s story. After the story, Kai asked us that what we can name it. Our idea were “Policeman and shark” “Barbie, shark and Policeman” “The Camping Trip”. Then our final idea was “The Camping Trip”. We can think about the titles for the other three stories tomorrow.

Dance time

Our dance teacher Maryna comes every Thursday. We did 11 songs today! It was a never ending dancing and laughing session today. We could dance all day long. Our passion for dancing is amazing! We love dancing to music. We went on a Lion hunt and ee also went to the zoo. Flowers class was full of animals with actions and sounds. We enjoyed reviewing old songs from last year, such as “scarecrow song” and “I’ m gonna catch you” song.

Guess which letter

We can get a lots of information from our eyes to see, our noses to smell, our mouths to taste, our ears to hear and our skin to touch. First, our eyes looked at the plastic letters and recognized which letter it was. We already knew how to read some letters, so it was easy to tell O, X and L. We made O with our two arms and we made X with our arms crossed. Next, these three letters were hiding in the bag, so our eyes couldn't see them. Our noses can’t smell them and our mouth can’t taste them, either. We needed to use our fingers to touch them. We were not sure if we could tell what’s what without looking, but we did quite well by touching them and were able to tell which letter was what. O was simply circle. X was just two straight lines crossed. L was long line and short line. Second round was little bit harder with letter V, S and U. S was two curvy lines on the top and the bottom. U was like a half circle. V was two straight lines. We needed to concentrate on our fingers to check the shapes carefully. The last round was letter H, D and E. Our fingers could be our eyes to recognize the letters. 

It was another lovely day in Flowers class. Thank you, friends! What will we do tomorrow? We are looking forward to seeing you!!!


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