A story from grandma


Mr.Sunshine was hiding from us in the morning, yet, we started our day with a beautiful smile. John and some of our friends chose people figure toys and finger puppets that we can play on the carpet. John and friends tried to figure out what occupations people figure toys have. They found fire fighters, doctors and police officers. Then, they built a house for them to stay. What a great idea!

On the table, there were colourful fish and reels. Friends were busy catching fish and counted how many fish they caught. Also, it was fun to identify what colours of fish they caught too, They found pink, purple, grey and yellow fishy. Besides the fishing game, there were people connecting toys and we connected the toys as much as we could. It looked like they held hands together.

We continued crayons and paint activity on the art table. Our friends painted beautifully with various colours and we cannot wait to show our dads and moms.

After the morning free play time, John invited Adam’s grandmother to have a wonderful story time. We said, “Good morning” to her first and gathered around the carpet and listened to the story. She read the book called, “Bear Has A Story To Tell”. Illustrations of the book was amazing that we enjoyed not only listening to the story but also, looking those pictures. After she read the story, we gave a huge hug to her and sing Skidamarink together. Thank you so much for visiting Buds class, Grandma D and we hope you’ll visit our class again!!

Sun showed up brightly after the snack time and we quickly changed the shoes and went to the park. We spent a lot of time at green area and danced and sang our favourite songs with John’s guitar. It was actually a sing and dance party at the park!

Thank you for the great day and see you again!

Lots of love,

All the dance party-goers from Buds class 2018-2019

Ohana International School