Can you show me your eyes?


      Good morning everyone! The rain was quite heavy in the morning and we’re hoping that it would stop soon so that we can go to the garden or the park. As we finished our morning routines, we went to our activity tables and found some animals toys and play dough. Our classroom became so busy that we were all engaged and tried to mix all the toys together. Our teachers reminded us that we also have some rules in the classroom that we need to follow. All the toys should stay where they belong so that it’s not going to be so messy when we pack them away. We listened to our teachers and started working on how to make sure that everything was neat and tidy. By cleaning up, we also made sure that we helped one another because it is also important for us to understand the value of helping our friends. It was really nice that we can clean our classroom in just a short time. We are great in helping everyone in Buds. Our teachers were so proud of us.

              Today, we also met Mr. Teddy in the classroom and he was very funny. He said that he wanted to sing and dance with us so all of us stood up and danced to the music. We sang our favorite songs and showed our teachers our special moves. After the fun music session, we all said goodbye to Mr. Teddy and he said that he wanted to go home and sleep.

            After snack time, we all did our tunnel game with some plastic balls. We loved going in and out of the tunnel and it’s good to practice our arms and legs in crawling. This will further develop our gross motor skill especially our core muscles.  Our teachers put out the bubble maker too and it was the highlight of our day. We couldn’t stop popping the bubbles as they came close to us!

              Our circle time was about learning what our eyes can do. We can hear with ears, we can talk with our mouth and we can smell with our nose. What can our eyes do? Some of us said that we can use our eyes to see or look at the colors. John drew a boy with curly hair but his eyes were closed. He asked us to close our eyes and tell him what we see. We said, “no” and that meant, we can’t see anything. We use our eyes to see beautiful things around. One friend of us said that we can see colors so we sang the rainbow song. We then went around the classroom just to find various colors. Next, we set up the newspaper on the floor and used our crayons.

              We didn’t go to the park but we still had so much fun learning and interacting with our Buds friends and teachers. Thank you so much and see you all again tomorrow!


Lots of love,

All the helpful children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School