S s snake is in the grass

September 11th, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had a great worked out with Miyashita sensei in our gym class today morning. Our main focus was running and walking in different ways and we had so much fun doing that as we walked like a bear, a crocodile, a snake and other animals. Sensei made us run, walk, hop, skip and jump and we cheered our friends as they showed off their newly learnt skill. At the end, we played a game in which sensei threw the ball towards us. If the ball touched us, we were out. So our main purpose was to make sure the ball doesn’t touch us. Miyashita sensei threw the ball so swiftly that we had to run very fast to protect us. We were completely exhausted by the end of the class. Later in the day, we went to the park for a small walk and were elated to spot two small goldfish and a few purple dragonflies.

In the morning, we were so pleasantly surprised to see one half of the big wall covered with drawing paper. We wondered what it was for and were so happy when our teachers mentioned that it is for our group art work. We interacted with our friends and all of us decided to make dinosaurs. We all painted our own dinosaur first, but later we mixed it all together to make one giant dinosaur. Infact, one of our friends who was playing in the home corner later saw our painting and started crying because he felt scared of our painted dinosaur. We had to hug him to assure that it wasn’t real. Our teacher mentioned that our group art project would go on for about a week and we will use different tools to add to it every day. Now that’s exciting isn’t it?

We love playing with sand and it was fun to explore both wet and dry sand in the sensory tub today. We liked the different sensation on our little hands. Our teachers believe it helps us develop our sense of textures. Some of us were talking to ourselves when we playing in the sand box and enjoyed independent play.

A few of our friends enjoyed playing with the colored animals counters and lined them up on the table. Some of us were counting it while a few of us were sorting it in color groups. Our teachers also got the colored bean bags out to match with it.

We love dramatic play in Petals Class and today was no different. We used different finger puppet to do a little show for our friends. One of our favorite puppets was the snake finger puppet. Our teachers remarked that today was the perfect day to play with the ‘s’nake because we were going to learn about the sound‘s’.

One of our morning jobs is to sign in our names. However, we always need our teachers to assist us for this since we are still learning to recognize our names. Hence, our teachers are going to introduce Jolly Phonic for us and every week we will be learning a new sound and the song to go with it. Today, we learnt the sound of‘s’ and the ‘s’song -

The snake is in the grass

The snake is in the grass

S s s s the snake is in the grass

We also looked at the name of our friends and teachers to see whose name begins with‘s’ and saw that ‘S’arah and ‘S’ayaka’s name begins with‘s’. We hope all our friends can recognize their name soon.



Little Artists in Petals Class

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