Circle Time with Mr. Spotty

August 29, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful day today full of fun and excitement. We have started getting familiar to our new environment now and move about freely in the classroom.  We did some sorting activities today with the tweezers. We had to use the tweezers to sort the pom pom balls into the color coordinated basket on the table. There were some colored dinosaurs as well which we could sort according to the color. Our teachers encouraged us to use the tweezers to sort it, but some of us decided to use our hands instead. Using tweezers are really good exercise for our fingers and develops our fine motor skills, whereas sorting helps us to develop our hand eye coordination.

Puzzles were very popular today and the most of us solved atleast one puzzle today. We are still learning to take turns and wait patiently for our turn. Some children requested for the train set again today and our teachers were more than happy to get it out for us. Many of us spent a long time playing with the ocean animals in the water tub. We pretended our tub to be the ocean and many of us thought we needed to rescue the water animals from the big bad shark.  We made fierce noises as we saw two animals come together. Our teachers couldn’t help remark about our creative imagination. We also spent a long time playing in the kitchen area and had a picnic with our friends there.

In the craft table today, we worked very hard to decorate a place mat which we are going to use for our snack and lunch time. Some of us colored and drew on it using crayons while many of us used cutlery cut outs like spoon, for, chop sticks and plate and stuck it in the paper. Our teachers will laminate it today and we will be able to use it tomorrow for meal times!!! Hurrah!!


After our free play time, we had our yummy snacks and then read books in the library. Then in the circle time, we sang our Hello Song to get familiar with the name of our teachers and friends. Our teachers were pleasantly surprised that we could recall the names of many of our friends.  Then we mentioned that Mr. Spotty wasn’t a part of the circle and we wished he could join us.  Our teachers got spotty out and told us that he would like to play football with us. However, we would have to follow some rules to play with him. Spotty would kick the ball to a friend and whoever got the ball would have to declare their favorite animal before passing it to another friend and this would go on till we all had our turn. We got so excited and couldn’t wait for our turn to share about our favorite animal. However, one of us had an idea and apart from saying the name of the animal, we also made the sound that the animal makes and all our friends also did the same. So they said the name of the animal and then made that animal’s sound. It was such a fun game and we followed it up by enacting many animals and singing many animal songs.

Then it was time to go home and we said good bye to our friends and teachers. Looking forward to another exciting day in school tomorrow!


All the animal loving children in Petals Class