Our first day at the park this year


What a beautiful weather outside! We’re ready for another great day and our teachers were excited to receive us because we knew that they prepared amazing activities for us today. First, we had the animal toys on the carpet area and the Noah’s ark figurines. It’s nice to explore what we could do with them and some of our friends were so familiar with the animal names and they started identifying them one by one. We’ve got to learn their names carefully because sometimes they look the same just like a gorilla and a chimpanzee, a donkey and a horse. Gradually, we’ll be able to name them accordingly.

            We also did our placemats. We chose the colors for our trays, spoon and fork. It was amazing how we can say our own preferences now unlike before that we needed to be guided at all times especially when we’re picking colors that we liked. Our favorite picture food was pizza. Most of us really looked for it just to paste on our new placemat. Our teachers are going to laminate them until all of us will have our own.

            On the other table, we got our new play dough. We chose the color green for it because we feel that it is the color of our nature. We had our cookie cutters (plastic ones) and a plastic knife with some rolling pins. We did our best to flatten the dough; however, some of us would still need to develop their fine motor skills. At the end of the play session, we all had a great time playing with our friends.

            We went to the park and had our snacks there. It was a nice picnic time under the shade of the big tree at the park. It was nice and cool. Some of us couldn’t really wait so what we did was we ate our food as fast as we could. But our teachers told us to eat slowly and take time. Once we’re finished, we packed our things away and ran towards the slides and swings. We missed Step park and we looked forward to play more there in the next few days.

            As we came back to school, we had our circle time. Today was all about counting our beads. We had a sensory toy like an abacus and we counted all the beads one by one. Amazingly, we noticed that most of us can already count consecutively from one to ten. So, our teachers asked us to do the activity individually. It was a fabulous learning experience today.

            It is our start of our regular program so our friends are ready to get their lunch. After that, we all went to sleep for our nap time. Thank you so much Ohana for today and see you all again tomorrow.

            Our special reminder is that we’re going to have our Parent-Teacher Social Night on the 15th of September. We already put up our sign out sheet in front of our classroom. We encourage you to attend so that you can get to know more of the teachers. Thank you!

Lots of love,

All the calm and amazing children from Buds class 2017-2018