The Earth is our home

Good morning everyone! It’s another wonderful day in Buds class. We are always excited to see and greet our teachers in the morning. We definitely look forward to be here every day. After doing our morning jobs, we saw our tables and there were two types of art activities. What a treat! We had a long piece of paper on the first and some shredded pieces of paper that we could stick with glue. On the other table, we had some special notebooks that we have to put our hand stamps on. Sayaka was there to help us out and she showed how to do it first. After that, she asked us if we could try and of course, we said, “yes”. She painted our hands with yellow, red and blue. Then, she told us that we can start stamping on our notebooks. The colors were so bright and nice. We just love our masterpiece!

            After our free play time, we went to the carpet area and started learning about Earth as our home. John showed us some photos of our earth and we saw colors like blue, green and white. Our teachers said that we all live on earth and it is a place that we really need to take care of. To appreciate Earth more, we listened to nature and animal sounds. We heard the elephants, horse, lions, raindrops or water and many more. For our final activity, we sang the Earth day song and we all had a great time singing and dancing with our friends. Also, we turned off the lights and at first; some of our friends were a bit scared because the room was darker. However, John got a candle and lit it on. One of us told our teachers that it’s fire. Yes, indeed! Fire can make light. It was only a small light but it was still nice to have in our class for a few minutes.

            We didn’t go out to the park but we just did our workout routine in the classroom. It was so much fun because we did lots of jumping and running (which we love doing in the classroom). After the music and movement session, we all had our lunch and the whole atmosphere was very calm and peaceful. Our friends were hungry probably because of our exercise routines.

            After nap time, our friend’s grandma came to Buds class as a mystery reader. She told a story about “Goldilocks and the three bears”. She even taught us a beautiful song about it. The moral of the story was “don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you”. We also learned about the different sizes like large, medium-sized and small. Thank you so much Pat for coming to our class and we were just mesmerized by your wonderful storytelling.

            Thank you Ohana and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the busy children in Buds class 2016-2017