We love our mommies and the Earth

Dear Moms and Dads,

We were a little disappointed to see the rain this morning so we knew we maybe wouldn’t get the chance to get to the park. We were glad to see on the main table the junk art materials boxes, tape, markers and scissors for us to continue making dinosaurs. This activity was very popular today with many of us using the tissue boxes, toilet rolls and yogurt pots to make all kinds of dinosaurs. Also on the table we saw a big box with a handle on the side. Darren showed us that if we put the scrap paper in the top and turn the handle the paper is shredded into little pieces that we can use for artwork later. On the second activity table we saw lots of white paper hearts and the colored pencils and markers. There are several of our friends whose birthdays are in June or the summer months and so today we started making the birthday cards with nice drawings of hearts and flowers on them. The wooden kapla building blocks were very popular this morning and together we used every single one we could find to build an enormous tower. Pooja said it looked like the tallest building in the world in Dubai and printed off a picture to show us all. We used the people figurines too and with our friends we lined them up like one big family on top of the wooden cube blocks. In the class library area the play kitchen food and doctors play set were given lots of use along with the food items. We had lots of time this morning and so continued our free play time with the dinosaurs longer today. After eating our yummy snacks we wanted to do a trash-walk and some of us had brought special gloves but unfortunately when we looked outside it was raining.  We hope the rain stops and we can go tomorrow instead. In circle time we heard a story all about how a long, long time ago on a planet there was no water, no air, no insects, fish, birds, animals or people. Later life began to develop and soon there were lots of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs didn’t make any mess or rubbish, it was only people! We then read a book all about a man making a big mess then leaving on a rocket ship. When he came back the dinosaurs were there and had cleared away all the mess. When the man returned the planet was beautiful and he agreed to keep it clean with his dinosaur friends.  We then saw a wonderful video we had made together on the projector for next Mondays special celebration day. It is a bit of a surprise so we can’t tell you about it until next week. Thank you Pooja for putting it all together. With Pauline we the practiced a new special song with actions too. We are going to perform this on Monday for all the mommies. We are so excited! After nap time we had our special surprise ‘Mystery Reader’. We were very excited to find out who it could be. She came into the classroom with a mask on her face and we soon saw Jen! Wow, what a surprise…. Jen read to us a book called ‘The Book with No pictures’ which was really funny because it made the teachers ready funny words. Thank you so much Jen, it was so much fun having you as Mystery Reader.


All the teachers and Earth loving Children in

Flowers Class.