Our park time is always the best

Good morning everyone! We started our busy day again by doing our flower art. John showed the hyacinth flower and we noticed that the color is purple and its shape is like a little dots around the bushes. The art materials we had on the table were some corks and trays of purple paint. We started singing “Stamp, stamp, stamp on the paper…stamp, stamp, stamp!”

            On the other table, we had our friends working on their play dough. We just loved to use our fingers together with some play dough tools to mold and create different shapes. Sayaka noticed that our favorite thing to do was the using the star cutter to make a pretend star cookie. We also loved to flatten our dough by using our rolling pin and making sure that they were flat enough to make a cookie.

            In our carpet area, we had some train tracks that we could assemble. We made a long train tracks with Chiaki and we’re able to connect some wooden trains together. Some of our friends got the musical instruments and put them on the table. They started playing their favorite songs and we certainly had a marvelous music band for today.

            Before we went to the park, we sang a few songs and read “I went walking”. We put our outdoor shoes and went out for a nice walk heading off to the park. There were lots of construction sites on the road so we had to choose which way we needed to go to. When we arrived, we saw Petals class and they were all eating under the beautiful sakura tree. We chose to eat at the green area because we all want to be under the bright sun. It was a hearty meal and we enjoyed the whole feeling of being able to have snacks at the park. After our snacks, Petals friends played with us and it was a great experience to catch up with them. We totally had fun running around with them.

            After our park time, we had a short circle time and we talked about flowers. First, we counted our friends. We also got some flowers which was the same number of how many friends we had today. We played a game and Nimo hid all the flowers around the classroom. Our task was to find and we collected as many as we could. We distributed the flowers to each one and put them on our heads, shoulders, elbows, toes and nose. We also walked around and balanced one flower on our head. It was great to practice our concentration and balancing every now and then.

            Thank you so much Ohana for another great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the creative children from Buds class 2016-2017