How many petals on a Flower?

Dear Flowers Class Moms and Dads,

We were very excited this morning to see so many new things on the carpet to play with. It looked like a giant ocean with lots of blue and violet fabric on the carpet and over the play tents. On the fabric were lots of toy ocean creatures as well as fishing rods, frogs, a treasure chest, pirate’s hats and little scuba divers. In the play tents were lots of soft toys and cushions. On the main table we again saw the big plant pot with the tulip plants and buds. The flowers are going to open soon, we were so excited!  On the second table we got the opportunity to work with pooja on some of our numeracy skills. We saw some big colored egg pictures with numbers on them and were able to use the whiteboard markers on the surface to trace the numbers all the way through from 1 to 12. Some of us also tried the wooden letter puzzles and were able to match them quite quickly. After packing away the toys and art materials we had a small circle time with all our friends and talked with the teachers about being fair. We saw how Darren & Pooja pretended to have a disagreement when singing the good morning song. Darren said that Pooja was not singing and Pooja said that Darren was not singing either. We soon realized that many of our friends have been coming to the teachers and telling them about our friends. As part of our monthly values we have been looking at being fair and patience in the classroom. After our yummy snacks we looked at a special book called “I can be Fair”. In it we saw lots of examples of how we can share, take turns, let our friends choose or go first and include everyone in the play. We had lots to say about this, especially stories about how our daddies and mommies sometimes got mad and what they did to calm down. We decided to practice some deep breathing with the teachers which calmed us a lot.     

 We learnt 6 new words all about plants from the second book and were able to recite all of them at the end; seed, roots, shoots, stem, leaves and petals. We saw in the book how the seed pushes down roots at first then grows upwards in to a shoot, then the plant gets bigger and develops lots of leaves until the flower comes out with beautiful colored petals. In the park we enjoyed the beautiful spring weather and enjoyed looking at the wonderful cherry blossom petals on the ground. We collected lots of them for class activities later this week too. With Pooja we enjoyed counting how many petals we could see on a single flower head up in the tree.


Have a great afternoon.

Love, Darren, Pooja, Goh San and all the wonderful children in Flowers Class.