Butterflies and bees!

Dear Moms and Dads,

Zzz, Zzz went the busy busy bees this morning. On the main table we saw the beautiful pink artwork we have been making this last week. There were a few of us who haven’t made butterflies or bumble bees for the artwork yet. We decided firstly on the colored paper we would like to use for the butterfly wings and then folded it in half. After looking at some pictures of real butterflies we cut out the correct shape wings and then decorated the wings with dot making markers. We added two little cones we found in the park and put two wiggly eyes onto one of them. They looked so cute. We decided where we wanted to put the butterfly on the big artwork and Darren then helped us glue it to the paper with a special hot glue gun. They stand out from the background very well because of the pipe-cleaners we used to hold them on and when the wind blows the butterflies jiggle about. We also added a few of the bumble bees we made too and the artwork looks fantastic on the wall. We saw a new board game on the smaller table but we were not so sure how to play it. Luckily Pooja found the instructions and we soon were moving the pieces across the board. The game was called ‘What’s Rubbish’? and we needed to sort the rubbish from the play garbage bin onto the appropriate card. We even showed some of our friends how to play later on and explained quickly the rules of the game. On the carpet we saw the play tents and play tunnel joined together and with our friends we moved from section to section. There was also a spare cardboard box on the carpet which became a play car for a while and then a place to sit in and draw with crayons. We sure did decorate the  The toy kitchen and food area was a great place to be this morning with many of us going on a pretend picnic with all the food, crockery and cutlery. After packing away the toys we played a game with Pooja thinking of as many words as we could for things beginning with ‘a’. We had many examples including; animals, apple, ant, ambulance, angry and of course angry birds’. After eating our snacks today we had a special activity. We saved all of the garbage from snack time and using some special gloves we sorted it into separate piles. We talked a little about how we can recycle many things and even reuse food and paper waste to make soil through a process called composting. We looked inside a bag of food waste we kept from earlier in the week and oooh, it smelled bad. We didn’t want them to burn the food waste or bury it in the ground so that we can make soil for plants to grow. We also found things like yogurt pots and food packaging made from plastic. It had a special symbol on it which looked like 2 arrows going around and around. This was the recycling symbol. If the plastic was clean then we could reuse it! The rain had stopped and so we went to the park and soon warmed up chasing Nimo around the park the entire time. We were so hot at the end! Wow, what a fun Day!


All the teachers and bee keepers in

 Flowers Class.