Bees and honey

Early morning, we greeted our teachers with a nice hello and did our morning jobs as fast as we could. We went to our play area and found some toy furniture with felt-paper characters around. Some animal figurines were also out and we just went with our imagination until we asked our teachers to use the play dough. One of our friends said that she was making a snack for everyone. Our teachers asked her, “What kind of snack are you making?” She replied, “A banana”. The other friend said that she was making lunch instead. We kept on using our play dough until we were able to mold various shapes and animals. Again, our imagination kept on going and going. It was really awesome.

            Meanwhile, Sayaka and most of Buds friends were busy doing the special fish art for our “koinobori” art. We will get to know more about this art in the future as we are going to celebrate it also in Japan. We just had our colorful paint like pink and blue. Sayaka put more glitters in them so the effect was really shiny. It was a fun activity because we just used our hands by stamping and spreading the paint as much as we could. Some of our friends said that they didn’t want to use their hands so we gave them big paint brushes to work with.

            After our free-play time, we all sat down and did our circle time. Today was a special day because we learned more about bees and what they make. Our special conversation went on like this…

John: I have a special friend that makes a buzzing sound. Do you know who it is?

Child 1: A bear!

Child 2: A bee!

John: Yes, that’s right! It is a bee. He said that he wants to eat something. Do you know what he likes to eat?

Child 1: Pasta!

Child 2: Flowers!

John: Awesome! The bees want to eat the nectar from the flower and goes back to his beehive to make something. Do you know what he can make inside the beehive?

Child 1: Pasta!

Child 2: Bear!

John: It is something sweet and sticky! Do you remember our chant that we do with our magic fingers? It’s something that we can look for in the beehive (pretended looking inside the beehive – hands cupped together).

Child 3: Honey!

John: Exactly! Do you want to see a real honey? Chiaki brought real honey for us today.

All: Yeah!

            John brought out the bottle of honey and he showed us how to pour in the small bowl. He asked about the color and our friend said it was purple but others said, “yellow!” John said that he wanted to try so he dipped his finger a little bit and tried it. He said, “Hmmm…it’s sweet and sticky!”

John: Do you all want to try our honey?

All: Yes!

            All of us lined up and got a chance to try the honey! Our teachers asked us, “How does it taste like?” Everyone said, “It’s sweet!” “How does it feel like?” “It’s sticky”. We really had great time learning about bees today. What a wonderful learning experience!

            We went to the park and had our snacks there. After that, we ran around the green area and played “Catch, catch bees” The game was superb because we all had to stay on our parachute and when our teachers said, “Catch, catch butterfly!” We all needed to stop and when they said, “Catch, catch, bees!” We all had to go back to our beehive. If we got caught, we had to stay on the other end and wait for somebody to save us.

            After playing, we sat down and sang more songs with the ukulele in the background. It was so amazing because we’re able to do fun and meaningful stuff today. Thank you so much Ohana and have a beautiful day!

Lots of love,

All the buzzing children from Buds class 2016-2017