Sprout Houses!

Dear Flowers Class Parents,

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the wonderful warm weather. It was great to see so many of our friends smiling faces this morning. Today we did a special activity with Pauline on the main table. We saw some plastic zip-loc bags, a box of tissues and a spray bottle filled with clean water. We made some special ‘Sprout Houses’ by firstly putting some of the tissues in to the bags and then spraying them with water. We then added the beans to the bag. Some of us colored a special paper ‘sprout house’ insert with colored pencils to go with the bags and also wrote our names on them too. The bags are taped to the window so that they get lots of light and we can check on them every day. We hope tomorrow we can see some roots growing from them! On the second table there were a few of us who made our special day tulip or rose sculpture today. We are getting better and better at folding origami paper but wrapping the center wire was a little difficult to hold and twist the paper around nice and tight. In the library we did lots of imaginative play and saw some of our friends were pretending to be sick. We got the stethoscope and syringe out and made sure they made a swift recovery. The large wooden blocks were also popular today with many of us using the figurines with the wooden blocks to build structures like buildings for the people. After packing away the toys and having our yummy snacks we all got together in the library to read a book we haven’t seen before. Even the teachers hadn’t read it before. The book was called ‘The Large Family- 5 minutes Peace’. The book was a funny book which Pooja said was “a book for mama’s”. The story was about an elephant mum who just wants 5 minutes peace and quiet but she has 3 cute children that want to follow her around the house. We then decided it would be a good time to get up and move. Darren put on one of our favorite songs ‘Hot Potato’ and we used the newspaper and tissue paper potatoes we made last Friday. We enjoyed dancing with our partners and throwing the ‘hot potato’ from one of us to the next. Soon it was time for our weekly gym class with Miyashita Sensei. Today we worked on our balance skills by walking first forwards on a taped line and then backwards. We put our arms up and out to the sides to help our balance and tried to keep our heads up to help us balance a bit better. We were very hot and had only a few minutes of circle time today. We felt our hearts beating very fast and our breathing was also faster than usual. Pauline turned off the lights and we took a few minutes to cool down and discuss why we do gym class and what are some of the rules. We came up with some good ideas including:

“You should do Taiso Osuwali (Sit nicely)”

“You should play the games”

“If you don’t do exercise your heart won’t move”

 “After doing exercise, you will feel better, Yesterday my daddy did exercise and he felt better”

“You stretch”

Thank you for all your wonderful ideas Flowers Class.


All the teachers and little bunnies in Flowers Class