The Ladybug game

Chiaki led us in talking about the ladybug and asking us to guess what the paper cut-outs were.

Chiaki led us in talking about the ladybug and asking us to guess what the paper cut-outs were.

The weather was not so bright today but our character was still sunny. As we entered our Buds classroom, we greeted everyone with a big good morning! It was really nice to see and feel the warmth of our friends and teachers. We did our morning jobs and were able to finish them with minimal help from our teachers. We then went straight towards our activity tables and saw the play dough and the butterfly art again.

            In our carpet area, we had our connecting blocks and were able to make our own cubes. We proudly showed it to our friends and they smiled at us and looked very surprised. Then, we went to the library and Sayaka was there to read us some story books that we could find. We told our teachers that we wanted to listen to stories about insects and bugs. Our play dough table was quite busy too. We made a ball, boat and fish. Our teachers showed how to make a snake, caterpillar, butterfly and ants. It was really cool because we really tried so hard to make something exactly what our teachers made.

            Nimo was at the art table and he helped us out with the butterfly art. He showed how to do it first and we just copied him and chose our colors to use for the dye. We were very curious when we were trying to mix the colors as much as we could and we felt that it was really entertaining how each ink flowed into the coffee filter.

            During our circle time, we talked about the ladybug. We counted the dots of the stuffed ladybug and some of our friends said that there were 4, 3 or 5. Then, we divided ourselves into small groups. We noticed that these ladybugs were just half of the actual insect so we had to find the other half. We counted the dots and compared them until we found the right pairs. Chiaki also talked about the various figures from our cut-felt paper. We saw the cloud, airplane, Christmas tree and many more.

            We also had our obstacle course for today. We put out the stilt dinosaur feet, some rings to step into, a big mat to roll onto it and a chair to sit on for three consecutive times. We all volunteered to do and some of our friends were very competitive and able to follow all the directions. It was really impressive! Next, we made a circle around the big mat and sang “Ring around the rosy”. When we heard the phrase, “sit down”, we all sat down on our mats. For cooling down, we did a little meditation and stretching. It was a fun day again in Buds class. See you all again next week!

Lots of love,

All the fabulous children from Buds class 2016-2017