We love You

Dear Flowers Class Moms and Dads,

 Another wonderfully sunny day today! We were so excited in the classroom when we first arrived and saw that many things in the classroom had changed. The toy kitchen area and the rack of soft toys and accessories had all moved to the other side of the classroom.


The dress up costumes made a nice area around the library and we were able to play nicely in the new areas. On the main table we saw the little cones we collected from the park yesterday. They looked a bit like mini pine cones but were a slightly different shape. We are going to use these to make little bumble bees for our special artwork. Several of us came to the table to help start making them into bumble bees by using yellow paint with brushes to paint the outsides of the cones. We hope they are dried by tomorrow and we can start to add some detail like eyes and wings tomorrow. We made a special message card for our coming celebration on the table with Pooja this morning. We firstly tried some writing on the whiteboard with the markers before using colored markers on the small piece of white card.


The message is going to be attached to something special we are making for our mommies. In the class library many of us pulled out our ‘lifebooks’ to share with our friends.


It was fun seeing all our families and explaining the pictures to our class friends. On the second table we tried the geometric cards and wooden block picture making activity and made pictures of a caterpillar, a girl and a flower. On the carpet area we used the wooden kapla blocks to build houses and towers but had to be careful not to knock them down. In circle time today we talked about patience and what this means. We had lots of examples such as when you are waiting in a line for something we need to be patient. We looked at a new book today called ‘The Little Rabbit’ which was all about a little girl called Sarah who had a baby rabbit, how it grew up, then had four little bunnies and how much she loved her ‘buttercup’ rabbit. The park was nice and warm today with may bumble bees flying around which made us a little wary.


They all look so big and fly so fast around the park! After our quiet time today we had our first ‘Mystery Reader’ come to class. Marilla came into the classroom wearing a mask and we all guessed straight away who it was!


Marilla read a great book to us called “The Enormous Potato” and we all enjoyed it so much, especially as Marilla brought us some wonderful French fries to finish off. They were so yummy. Thank You Marilla! We are looking forward to our next ‘Mystery Reader’ on Friday this week!


All the teachers and high-spirited children in Flowers Class