Fingerprint Ants

Good morning friends! It’s a good day again and we’re so glad to see everyone at school again. We did our morning jobs and finished our routines. We went to our activity tables and saw what were waiting for us today. On one table, we had our connecting blocks and disks. One friend of ours connected several parts and he showed his construction to his friends. He then said that it’s “shinkansen”. Not only that, he also went to the play area and found some trucks and cars. He lined them up on the rail of the sliding doors and pretended that the train was moving and making a “choo-choo” sound.


            Our art activity for today was all about the ants everywhere. We had our stamp pad and put some ink in the sponge. We put our fingers in and felt the soft sponge and the wet ink. Then, we put our fingers on the paper until we have little fingerprints around the paper. Our teachers showed us that we’re making ants on the paper. So we kept on singing, “The ants go marching”. We noticed that we’re making ants in different sizes. There were big, medium-sized and small ones. Most of us approached the table and were very curious on how to do it. We dipped our fingers and made sure that we have made enough ants on our paper.

            During our circle time, we sang our good morning song and the ladybug song. We also put out some xylophone and boomwhackers. We hummed and played a traditional tribal music from the Philippines and we’re all very quiet and listening intently to this very different sound. John was playing and making distinct rhythmic patterns and we all shook our heads and appreciated the music. Some of our friends got some soft toys and they pretended that they were also humming a song to their baby. It was very interesting because they seemed to be so imaginative how to take care of their own babies.

            We didn’t go to the park today but we were able to walk around Motoazabu. Our friends were excited to see the crane because there were some constructions going on around the neighborhood. After the good walk and taking in some fresh air, we went inside our classroom and sang the five little monkeys song. We also played the sleeping game. For example, our teachers played the music and we followed the instructions like jumping, shaking your hips, clapping our hands and turning around. When they said, it was time to go to sleep. We pretended that we’re all sleeping and after a few seconds we all said in chorus, “Wake up!” and then we danced again. Our topic for this week is all about insects and bugs. Our teachers read a book about the ants, butterflies, beetles, dragon flies and snails. We went outside and saw a butterfly. One friend said, “Look! It’s a butterfly!”

Thank you so much Ohana for another great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the awesome children from Buds class 2016-2017