Happy Thanksgiving!


Good morning everyone! It was cold again outside, but this didn’t stop us from going to the park. Today  was a busy day because we started making our Christmas card that we can give for “A Place To Grow” charity that Ohana supports. We had the watercolor art and it was so magical because when we were painting, the Christmas tree appeared, and we were all amazed by it. We kept on coloring until the whole card was bright and colorful.

            The carpet area was busy because we had trains and tracks that we could build together. Everyone loves trains and we always enjoyed moving them around the classroom. There was also a big round set of tracks that our teachers made and we just moved the trains round and round. It’s just so amazing how we were able to use our imagination in making and constructing our own train station.

            During circle time, Nimo led our group and it was always fantastic to have this time with him. He talked about the turkey and thanksgiving. We also danced to the music of BINGO and Wheels on the Bus. Our favorite Christmas music, “What do you want for Christmas?” This is going to be a part of our Winter Holiday performance this year. He also talked what we eat during thanksgiving and they are mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing and gravy. Hmmm…all of them sound very yummy, yummy, yummy in our tummy, tummy, tummy!

            Park time is always our favorite time because we love to move around and explore what else we can do with our bodies. We climbed up the slide and showed how well we can do to our teachers. Our physical attributes are becoming more developed for we are always given a chance to exercise and discover new set of skills. Running, climbing the elevated areas and jumping are just great examples of these. At the park, we had some great activities. Nimo was running and catching our bigger friends (Flowers class) because they just loved playing with him. For us, we loved playing with the sand too and enjoyed playing with our sand tools.

            Thank you so much Ohana for another great day and see you all again next week. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day!

Lots of love,

All the active children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School