Shaking with Miyashita-sensei!


1...2...3…Shake and let’s do the banana stretch!

               What a beautiful weather again outside. It was not really that cold today but still we needed to wear enough clothing and jackets. Our morning was full of energy with Miyashita-sensei. He came to our class with the usual big smile on his face which made our learning experience very fun and interesting for the rest of the time. We started our gym class with stretching and warm-up exercise that we always do with him. With the stretching routine, we raised our arms as high as we could, and we stretched from side to side like a banana shape. Then, he asked us to shake our legs, hands and our bodies. Next, he showed us how to do the different animal exercises like for example, bunny jump, frog leap, crocodile crawl, bear walk (we had to go under his legs just like a small tunnel) and many more. Every time we reached out to him, we should always do a high five and most of us were giggling when we’re able to finish the task. Miyashita-sensei also loves to play with his whistle. He loves the “Mickey mouse” song and “Thomas the train” song. The next activity was putting the mat in the middle of the classroom and there, we had to walk around our obstacle course by crawling, walking, jumping and moving from one place to another. We loved this activity but some of our friends needed more time to adjust and to be able to perform the task willingly. We waited patiently for our turn and it’s really nice how lovely we can wait and have our chance to do the challenge. Our last game was the ghost game again. We stayed at one end of the classroom and when Miyashita-sensei says, “Ghost” we all had to run to the other side as fast as we could so that the ghost wouldn’t catch us. It was really a fun game because it gives us the surprise factor always. He ended the game with a nice song from his whistle. He played the Thomas song again. It was time to say goodbye again and thank you to Miyashita-sensei. See you again next week!

            In the morning, Kiki did a little puppet show in the kitchen area. All of us know that we can do different activities in various areas and they don’t really matter what you want to do there. As far as we are safe and having fun, it’s always okay to do that. The story was about “Totoro” the friendly creature who rescues the mommy of the princess from the evil witch. We started with two little friends listening and we all ended up sitting beside Kiki and listening to her amazing puppet show.

            The activity tables were occupied by sensory and natural materials such as the leaves, stones, sea shells and twigs and on the other table we had some puzzles out. We were so curious about our sensory materials, so we used our magnifying lens and tongs to gather them and examine them closely. The carpet area was busy too because there were wooden blocks and some toy doll house characters that we can move around and imagine that they were at their own home.

            During our circle time, we brought out our jingle bells and each of us had our own. We then sang to the tune of “Jingle bells” while moving and dancing. We shook our hands up and down, moved our legs left and right, flapped our arms up and down. Then, we all said, “hey” and “hooray” the whole time. It just meant that we’re very excited with our singing session with our teachers.

            Today, we went outside for a walk. It’s better not to miss this opportunity of going out because the sun was shining so bright up in the sky. Thank you so much for a great start of the week. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the sporty children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School