Everything is awesome!


October 25th, 2017
   Everything is awesome! Today we had a marvelous birthday party! We celebrated L and D’s birthday today in the Flower’s class. We had the pleasure of not only seeing the parents Daniela, Pooja and Sharad but also a couple siblings came too.
We played a special version of pin the tail on the donkey. In-stead of a donkey we had the birthday people and instead of a tail we had a crown. So we played pin the crown on the birthday girl/boy! It was hard because we had to close our eyes and listen to instructions from our loud friends on where to go and where to place the crown. Even Hisami gave it a try. Some of us nailed it and some were off the spot! Either way it was really fun for everyone.
We thought the party was over but there was more! The siblings had prepared a special book for us. The book was called I am going. I was a funny book about Gerald an elephant and Piggie a pig. Gerald and Piggie are reminiscing the great day they had yesterday and talking about how today wonderful as well when all of the sudden Piggie said “I am going.” Gerald thought he was leaving forever and became nervous. He started questioning Piggie about why he is leaving and trying to persuade him to go at another time. The funny part of the story was
when Gerald said “Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why!” We counted and he
said why 36 times! My that’s a lot of whys! Finally the pig responded and told him…“It’s lunch
time Gerald” So they went to lunch and had another great day. The biggest surprise of the birthday party was the cake that came out. Pooja made a LEGO cake from scratch. It even had little D and L Lego figures on it! That’s not even all of it. We guessed what color was inside the cake and we were all right because it was rainbow colored inside! Everything IS awesome!
   We enjoyed the birthday party very much and after it was done. We checked in on our skeleton to see if he has grown any taller. He grew a whole 3 cm! He is now 53cm tall.
Some of use wanted to see if we were taller than the skeleton so we compared by standing beside it. We thought maybe we should draw a line on the side of the container to see if the water is being absorbed into the skeleton. Finally, it was music time! We love music time with John, John. It was rainy today so it was only appropriate to sing a rainy day song. Then we wished it to go away with “Rain, rain go away”. We thought about how we can fix the
wheel on our little red wagon by singing “Bumpin up and down” We thought we can use a hammer and a screw driver and sang verses with it. John also introduced us to rhythm. Used “ta” for quarter notes and “titi” for eighth notes. The rhythm we used was “ta, ta, titi, ta” and “titi, titi, titi, ta” . When then broke up into two groups with shakers and bells to play together. Sometimes, it was alternating groups and we play together in harmony as well. It was difficult at first but we were able to get the rhythm and made a beautiful symphony. Music class is so
much fun!
  It was such a fun filled day we almost forgot about the morning. Since we made pumpkin soup yesterday and we had all the seeds left over, we decided to roast them to make delicious pumpkin seeds. We added the seeds to the pan and added a little salt to them and voila! We tasted it and some friends wanted more so we held our hands like flowers to make a cup.
Woo what another eventful day! Hope you all had a busy day like us. I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow…

All the children in Flowers Class

Ohana International School