We’re all different but we’re still the same


It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.
- Maya Angelou

              Good morning everyone! The weather was really nice and we felt that it’s getting really colder now. We also suggest that it’s better to bring the rain boots and raincoats to school because we felt that it’s also nice to go out even if it’s raining. We’ll have our spare clothes ready just in case our clothes really get muddy.

              Early morning, we finished our jobs with the help of our teachers. Some of our friends even help others on where they needed to put their things away. On our tables, we had the play dough and the other natural materials that we had in the classroom. We used the twigs, chopped wood, stones and pine cones. There were so many materials to use that we really had a fantastic time creating our own figures all the time. Some of us said that we created monsters, pumpkins and spiders. This was just right timing for our Halloween. The other table was quite busy too because we had to make our spider art again. Our other friends haven’t finished this so we just continued it today. We also cut the small pumpkin display. Our teachers asked us, “What is inside the pumpkin?” We all had to guess what we thought of it. When John cut the pumpkin, to our surprise, we saw little seeds. We all touched and felt the seeds. We replied that they felt slimy. The pumpkins are on display in Buds so that we’ll be reminded what we just discovered every day.

            We went to the park early today and we wanted to see some spiders. Unfortunately, John kept on looking for it but he wasn’t able to get one. We had our snacks with our picnic mats and we all enjoyed eating under the sand and the cool breeze outside. We also saw our friend who used to come to Ohana and he was playing tennis at the park. We played with our teachers and we always wanted to chase after them. Therefore, we ran and ran until we all got tired.

              When we got back from the park, we changed our shoes and took our jackets and smocks off. We then went to the library and sat down while strummed his guitar until we all settled down. We read the “Family book” by Todd Parr. The book was all about describing families in different cultures and races. It describes how family can be different from one another. There are families who have one parent, parents with different colors, two mommies, two daddies and families who are big, small and many more. Here, we get to see how diverse our families are. It’s amazing to live in a world where everyone appreciates one another. We also talked about spiders. There are spiders that can be very different in physical appearance. Our teachers said that no matter how different spiders are, they are still spiders. They are different but they’re all the same.

  Lots of love,

All the amazing explorers from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School