Xin nian kuai le!

Good day everyone! It was a beautiful sunny day but still cold outside. We started off our day by doing our morning jobs and completing the tasks that we needed to do in the morning. After that, we went straight to our play area to discover some animal figurines. We were so excited to see our favorite animals such as the dog, horse, sheep and many more. We all put them on the small shelf and lined them up together. We then went to other side of the classroom and saw some animal puzzles. We just loved playing with them and when we’ve finished, we showed everything to our teachers.

            After our playful learning time, we made our circle and started our favorite songs. We sang “BINGO”. We also had the small stuffed dog and we started saying “Hi, Bingo!” to him. Today was also our small lesson about the Chinese New year. It was the year of the rooster and we saw pictures of it from our books. We made a rooster sound and said, ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’. We also flapped our arms and pretended that we’re like chickens too. John brought out these special red envelopes for our Chinese new year. He said that this packet is called a “hong bao”. We looked inside our hong bao and we saw some coins. It’s a tradition in China to received hong bao as a sign of prosperity. Hence, it’s nice to start the year with lots of positive things.

            We also learned the song for Chinese New Year and the title was “xin nian hao ya”. It means a good year in English. The song went on like this…

Xin nian kuai le

Xin nian kuai le

Zhuhe dajia xin nian hao

Wo men chang ge, wo men tiao wu

Zhuhe dajia xin nian hao


            We are so excited to show this red packet to our parents. Thank you so much Ohana for the gift! Today was our gym class as well. Miyashita-sensei received us with a big smile and we’re so ready to move and do some challenging activities today. As part of our warm-up exercises, we did some stretching and animal actions. We’re getting so good at this because we always practice it each week. Miyashita-sensei put four chairs and attached were some strings on each end. He asked us to go under the strings by crawling. Some of us walked over it and others just crawled. It was a great activity for our core muscles and lower body strength. Thank you so much Miyashita-sensei.

            Yay! We were able to go to the park today and we enjoyed playing in the green area. It was such a nice weather. The temperature was not as cold as the previous days. Thank you Ohana for another great Monday!

Lots of love,

All the amazing children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School