Filling in the spaces on our mural

Fabulous Friday! Well today was also Friendly Friday and Fun Friday. We had a good time playing with our friends and are still learning how to manage conflict, however our teachers are really fair, because they ask us to sort out our conflicts with our friends independently. We are quite good at this and in the park, where there was a problem with who was going to go on the swing, they just left us to find our way and …………………we did! This gives us the skills and tools to deal with the next conflict and the next and the next; and maybe next time we will deal differently with it, who knows? Everything that we learn in school is a stepping stone to help us continue climbing the ladder of success and living the gift of life.

We like things this way and we also like them to help us sometimes, which they do. They seem to know when is the best time to assist us and when it is the best time, to take a step backwards.


We read a fabulous story with all of our friends called “Pom Pom gets the grumps”. It is Meg’s book and she didn’t want to take it home; she wanted to leave it in our library which we are really pleased about. It reminded some of us about ourselves and how, when we are feeling grumpy about one thing, the whole world makes us feel grumpy. Pom Pom realized in the end that being on your own, with no friends to play with, was not very nice. So he apologized to everyone for his grumpiness and had a fun time playing before……………………..oh, oh, a grumpy feeling arrived on his doorstep! Thanks Meg, for bringing your book to school and for leaving it in the library for us to read.


During the morning, we worked on the large mural which is going to go up on the wall outside our school, underneath the large Ohana International School sign. During winter school, we pasted the many different coloured bottle caps on it. But there were some spaces in between that we wanted to fill in so we used the special glue and put tiny plastic coloured beads in the spaces. Each time we had to turn the wood over to tap it to see, which beads were loose. We tried to fill up most of the spaces and then spent a few minutes picking the ones up that had fallen out, from the floor. We are looking forward to seeing it on the wall of our school.

  Shelley remembered that she forgot to post the pictures of us planting flowers in our Ohana garden in the park, on Wednesday, so here they are.

   We changed the calendar and instead of singing our “Hello” song in class, we sang  it on the way to the park. It was fun to sing it while we were walking with our friends and teachers. In fact, usually we sing “Hands up” when we cross the street, but we were in the middle of singing our “Hello” song so we carried on singing and raised our hands. We also usually say “konichiwa” to the policeman standing on duty, and we also, couldn’t greet him. So many things can happen in a day, that can change our regular routine.

Today, we added foam shapes to our large art work. We used white glue which is strong and will ensure that everything is well attached to the paper. The second thing that we did, was use the dot paint markers and put many dots on it. The dot markers make fabulous designs when you push quite hard with them. The paint spreads like a snowflake or spiders web.

Our teachers are thinking that the next thing that we will do on it is with black paint and string. It is called string painting. We can’t imagine what it will look like when we use string on it and are looking forward to seeing how our “work in progress” will evolve.

Thanks for a great week and we hope that everyone has a lovely weekend. We also want to wish our friends in Petals Class, who celebrate Chinese New Year, “Gong hay fat choy” or “Xin nen quai le”. If you go to Yokohama, there will be lots of celebrations for Chinese New Year because Chinatown is there; have fun!


All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School